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Congratulations, Cindy Lou! You look beautiful!

Braces Free

Now he real fun begins. We’re meeting with the dentist soon to layout the road-map for the final phase of “Project Mouth Overhaul” 😉

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Well, he’s not such a baby anymore…

Olivers first haircut

Congratulations, Baby Oliver!

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wherein I’m running some errands with the boys and Aerosmith’s Walk this Way comes on the radio…

Adam: Hey, I know this song!

Me: You do?

Adam: Yeah, it’s the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Song at Disney World

Me: It sure is.

Adam: I love that song.

Me: I did, too. Before Run DMC ruined it!

Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster

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Tonight me and the boys are playing around with the new Star Wars app on my iPhone…

“I sense a disturbance in the Force. Of course, I heard the heavy breathing and ominous music well before that.”

Jody Wan Kenobi

“Okay, okay, I got it! Try-do-not-try-just-do-it. How ’bout you try to stick it in your pointy ear!”

Adam Wan Kenobi

“Okay, Boba Fett is a bad guy, but I really like Boba Fett. So, do I kill him or ask for his autograph?”

Alex Wan Kenobi

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Today, we’re heading back to Jax, but first, we stop by Poppy and Grammy’s house to say, “good-bye”. While there, the boys enjoy the homemade swings on Poppy’s magnolia tree.

Swings at Poppys House

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Well, I’ve wrapped-up work for the week, and Cindy and the boys have wrapped-up at the beach. So, where should we go for dinner our last night in Sarasota? Why, the The Beach House on Anna Maria Island…

The Beach House

Finally, Dad got to go! And Mom could unwind in Margaritaville…

Dad and the boys Dad and the boys

There was some live music, too, and the boys got to jam a bit to Neil Diamond and James Taylor tunes…

Live Music

After a really, really great dinner, we took a walk on the beach, and Adam collected a little salt water for a snail he adopted at Siesta Key earlier in the day…

Dad and the boys

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Today, while I work, Cindy and the boys are heading to another of the Best Beaches in the United States: Siesta Key!

Alex runs to the shelter (which is actually pretty darn cool)…

The boys at Siesta Key The boys at Siesta Key

And Cindy sinks her toes in the sand, while Adam, well, sinks a bit more…

Toes in the Sand Adam in the sand

That’s Florida Living!

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Well, Poppy’s wedding is over and we still have two days in Sarasota! Of course, I have to work, but Cindy and the kids plan to spend the next couple of days at the beach. Today is Caspersen Beach in Venice, which happens to be one of Florida’s Best!

The boys at Caspersen Beach

It’s really a gorgeous beach…

The boys at Caspersen Beach The boys at Caspersen Beach

and everyone (except me) enjoyed the clear blue water and the bright shinning sun…

The boys at Caspersen Beach The boys at Caspersen Beach

I wonder what’s on tap for tomorrow?

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Cindy lost her mom about three years ago. It was a pretty rough time for everyone, especially for her stepdad, Junior. We’re so very happy that he has found a new someone special (and his Linda is a great lady). So, Adam and Alex get to attend their second wedding this year. In March, it was their brother, Nick, this time, it’s their “Poppy” in Sarasota, Florida.

We arrive and take our seat in the pew. Adam, of course, is impatient, and asks “Where’s Poppy” every 30-seconds or so…

Adam is impatient

Finally, the flower girl, Linda’s granddaughter, Lily (who is just a little older than the boys), comes down the isle. Then, the music starts and the boys new “Grammy” is escorted down the isle by her daughters, Denise and Vicki.

Flower Linda and Daughters

Linda was pretty nervous and Junior kept cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Finally, they said their vows and shared a first kiss as husband and wife.

Wedding Wedding Kiss

Then the couple made their exit and headed for the reception at Denise’s house…

Wedding Exit

Where Alex and Adam had a blast playing with their new cousin, Lily…

Wedding Swings

And Cindy’s niece, Sheree, was dressed like a whore

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It’s Independence Day or if you live in the UK, I suppose it’s Treason Day! The steaks were grilled earlier and everyone had their fill, so now it’s time we Colonials celebrate with some backyard fireworks, compliments of my SIL, Emilio (a.k.a. “The Tough Guy”…so named by Adam).

Fireworks by the pool

Fireworks by the pool Fireworks by the pool

Followed-up by Sparklers and Roman Candles…

Sparklers Roman Candles

And to cap it all off, a late night swim…

Pool Glow

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