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Not to be undone by his brother, Alex seized the day and mastered the two-wheeled ride…

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The boys have spent most of the weekend at the water park in the Julington Creek Recreation Center, a.k.a. “The Red Slide Pool”.

The result:

Alex sleeps

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Adam is always pushing himself to do more. Today, he taught himself to swim underwater…

Adam swims underwater Adam swims underwater Adam swims underwater

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Baseball season is coming to a close for the boys. The gators made the playoffs and finished 3rd. We had a great time this year and the boys skills improved considerably. Today, we cap-off the year with a picnic at the baseball park.

Alex swings away…

Alex swings Alex swings

and the trophy presentations. Adam is suitably nonchalant in his acceptance. No applause, please.

Adam accepts his trophy

Alex shows a little more enthusiasm…

Alex accepts his trophy Alex accepts his trophy

Can’t wait until next year! (or maybe…Fall ball :-))

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Congratulations to our granddaughter, Kameran: A/B Honor Roll for the year! She is sooooo smart!

Kam honor roll

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Today was the last field trip of the year for the boys. As usual, Mom was there!

Mom on the field trip

and since it was the last event of the year, we had to get some pictures of the boys with their classes. Adam’s class looks very studious…

Adams class

while, Alex’s class, quite like Alex himself, is a tad bit silly…

Alex class

Ya know what? I don’t even know where they actually went on their field trip.

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The boys were featured in an Art Expo at school today. Their artwork was framed and on display for the entire school to see. Naturally, we had to buy them before another collector got to them!

Art Expo

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Mom likes to take “selfies”…Adam, well, jury is still out…

Water Gun War


From the relative safety of neutral territory on the far side of the pool, I’m in the perfect location to observe and document the water war as it unfolds. Here, Adam takes to the high ground in an attempt to gain advantage over his adversary.

Water Gun War

but Alex, a seasoned veteran, is entrenched in the shallow end and controls the points of entry and exit (i.e. the steps). He is well-protected from his brother’s assault.

Alex and his Water Gun

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I was sitting in the office working on the computer and Adam was playing in the front yard. I hear a knock on the door. It’s Adam and he’s sitting on his bike.

He says matter-of-factly, “I can ride my bike now.”

The amazing little kid taught himself to ride a two-wheeler…

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