February 2015

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Tonight we attended “Space Night” at Durbin Creek Elementary School. The boys, especially Adam, have been looking forward to this night for the past two weeks because there’s a laser show! Of course, Adam was a bit disappointed because, as you would expect, he was anticipating REAL lasers blasting holes in bulkheads, rather than a light show to music. Still, we had a good time with dinner, bouncy slides and stuff, the (disappointing) laser show, science experiments, and hula hoops…

Space Night Space Night

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It’s the first practice of the season. The boys are in coach-pitch tee-ball, and have been drafted, once again, to THE GATORS! It’s going to be another great year!!

Adam at practice Alex at practice

Adam and Alex at practice

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By day they’re mild-mannered Kindergarten students, but when danger lurks…SHAZAM!



Mattel Electronic Football When I was a kid, well, a teenager, Mattel Electronics came out with this handheld football game. The players were represented by these little red lighted hash-marks; the football was this little flicking light that zipped across the screen when the ball was passed. I thought it was AWESOME! This one pictured on the left was a one-player game, so you played against the computer (laughable by today’s standards), but the following year Mattel produced a two-player game, so you could match your wits against a living, breathing opponent. My brother and I, and our friends, spent many, many hours playing this game. Well, I imagine kids today, especially A2, wouldn’t think very much of it. After, all they can Madden Football on their iPads, which pretty much relegates this little Mattel game to my nostalgia…

Well, they just don’t know what they’re missing.

Playing the iPad

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