October 2014

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Well, Halloween is here again. Given his affinity for candy, I’d say this is Adam’s favorite holiday! This year the boys wanted to be Peter Pan and Captain Hook…

Halloween Pan and Hook


Halloween Hook Halloween Pan

…and they weren’t the only one’s! Kameran and Oliver made an adorable Hermione and Harry Potter…

Hermione and Harry Potter

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Earlier this year, Adam announced that he had a girlfriend. Her name is Carley, and she’s in a different class than he is. They get to play together at recess and Adam says Carley cheers for him when he races his friends. This week they got to go on a field trip together and Cindy snapped a few pics. Too cute!

Adam and Carley Adam and Carley

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Visiting big brothers, Nick and Neil, in Alabama. And, yes, there was some Xbox played! 😉

Four Brothers

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While working in Sarasota, I came across this little British store in an older-looking strip-mall. I don’t know what compelled me to stop and go inside, but I’m glad I did! It was a treasure trove of British goodies, which translates to “comfort food” for Cindy 🙂


Alex is writing. Constantly. He writes on paper, sidewalks, walls, and most of the time, his magnetic dry erase board. Most of the time he copies the words printed on my shirt, which most of the time is “Florida” and “Gators”…

Alex Writes


Cindy and I had such a good time on the boat yesterday that we decided to take the boys to the Jacksonville Landing for lunch. As we enter the harbor and approach the Acosta Bridge, we notice that the Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge (rail) is down, which means there’s a train a-comin’.

The boys like waving at the engineer, who always waves back and blows the whistle (must be some sort of unwritten code among engineers…just like truck drivers).

Anyway, I turn the bow into the current to face the bridge with just enough throttle to keep us in place. Let the show begin!

Waiting for the train

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It’s a crisp October morning. The boys are in school. A perfect day for a little Mom and Dad time on the water…


Part of the reason for today’s voyage (other than just some alone time) is to provide a little “Boating 101” to Cindy. So, we spend a couple of hours with navigation and docking before we head over to Whitey’s Fish Camp for lunch.

Cindy drives the boat Cindy ties the boat

Great job, and not as easy as it looks. It’s just like parallel parking only the road is moving, too!

Cindy docks the boat

Lesson over! Now, it’s off to Whitey’s and some great catfish!!

Me and Cindy

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The boys have something new to play with today. They’re called “Wubbles”; large bubble balls, that could more accurately be described as “Boobies”…

So here are the twins playing with, well, the twins… 😉


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Alex visited the pumpkin patch today…as always, the epitome of “cool”. This is the first of many such visits, as Mom is attracted to pumpkin patches and Fall Festivals like a fly to, well, you know…

Alex at the Pumpkin Patch

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Adam. The Fifth Beatle…

The Fifth Beatle

Just imagine.

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