July 2014

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It was such a beautiful day outside, I decided to take the afternoon off and give the boys a little surprise. So, we picked them up early from preschool and took a boat trip to the zoo…

Up the river

As always, we had a great time!

Zoo Elephant

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Happy Birthday Daddy

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Charlie LOVES the pool! When the boys start to put on their swimming trunks he’s at the door twitching like a kid in church that has to go to the bathroom! When the gate finally opens, watch out!

Water Dog Water Dog

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Today is our last day with Nana and Pa. We decided to spend it quietly at home walking the grounds.

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It’s a beautiful day outside, so the boys took Nana for a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can’t take this ride without making a stop at Lover’s Leap…

Nana and the boys

Not too far from “the Leap” is Mabry Mill. Readers of this blog are with this landmark, as we’ve visited before, here and here. It’s a gorgeous spot and I love to walk the grounds.

Daddy and the Boys

One the way home, we stopped by a general store. While Nana picked-up some candy and soda pop for the boys, I walked across the highway to snap a photo of the old zoo. When I was a kid, this was a treat to visit, and we’d always cap-off the day with a ride up the river on the Dan River Queen riverboat.

Old Zoo

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Okay! The training wheels are off! Here we go!! Adam rides on two-wheels!

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Yesterday, the boys and I traveled to Virginia with Nana and Pa to spend a few days with the extended family. Funny, but judging from the boys behavior, it’s hard to see any difference. BTW, that’s Nana’s couch…

Nanas Couch

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The Fourth of July weekend is winding down and what better way to bring it to a close than to take the kids for a cruise up the St John’s River?

I slow the boat as we approach the Buckman Bridge. It’s always fun watching the cars and trucks speeding across and listening to the hum of their wheels as we travel under the bridge. Of course, if Adam had his way, it’d all be a blur as we flew under the bridge at top-speed!

Buckman Bridge

Once we crossed into the Jacksonville Landing area, we docked the boat and spent some time at Friendship Park. I really love this city!

Friendship Park

One the way back to the marina, Katy got to take a turn at the wheel! Kam opted-out, as she prefers being ferried across the river than being the person actually doing the ferrying.

Captain Katy

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Kameran took a minute or two from swimming to pose for a couple of pictures with her little brother. Of course, it’s never much of a imposition for Kam to pose for a picture…

Kam and Oliver

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The tradition of hauling visiting family members to the “Old Fort” in St Augustine is still going strong. Cousin Katy is following in her dad’s footprints, as he made several of these trips in the 70s. For Kam and the boys, the fun is just beginning!

Old Fort

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