June 2014

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Well, we certainly didn’t intend to get a new dog so soon after Molly passed, but this one literally fell into our laps. We encountered a military couple that were looking for a good home for their two-year-old Golden due to an impending PCS and deployment. The boys simply fell in love with him, so how could I say “no”?

Say hello to Charlie…

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Sure it’s just a bunch of couch cushions and pillows and blankets, but to them it’s Fort Apache, The Alamo, The Batcave, or whatever their 5-year-old minds can imagine…

Fort Couch Fort Couch

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Today, the boys helped me plant some Indian Hawthorn bushes in the front yard. As you can see by their conspicuous absence in the photos, they weren’t very hands-on…

Bushes Bushes

Anyway, they turned out pretty well…and the boys did a good job of staying out of the way, so they really were a big help! 🙂

Fort Couch

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We still can’t believe it, but Molly died this week. We’re heartbroken. After a harrowing experience in the animal emergency room that included a period of intubation and defibrillation, she had deteriorated to the point where I made the tough decision to put her down. The final diagnosis was lung abscess resulting from an aspirated tooth. Bizarre.

The boys don’t really grasp what has happened. They understand that Molly is in heaven, but still want to know when she’ll be coming home. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Rest-in-peace, Molly. We miss you.

RIP Molly

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Kam loves pandas! She sleeps with one, they cover her Kindle Fire, she even wears them…

Oh, and she also loves pink!

…and posing 😉

Kam wears Panda

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I had to run some errands today and Alex wanted to tag along. We went to Lowe’s, Sears, etc. to pick-up some things for the yard, and on the way home, stopped by Coldstone for a treat…

So, cotton candy ice cream with gummy worms and bugs. Score!

Alex at Cold Stone

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Kam and her little brother…

Kam and Baby Oz

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