April 2014

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Another day on the water! Today the boys spoiled Nana for a change…

Nana with the boys

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Taking Molly to the vet, you’d think she was walking The Green Mile

The Green Mile

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Happy Birthday Mommy


Well, needless to say, we joined the Freedom Boat Club. Today, was a family outing up the St Johns into Jacksonville…

Jax from the Water

Getting underway…

Salute Me and the Boys

The Captain

The Captain
The First Mate

The First Mate

Lamby enjoyed the day…

Lamby enjoys the day

The boys had a great time! Adam was grinning from ear-to-ear the whole time, and Alex was comfortable enough to stretch-out for a short nap…

Adam Smiles Alex Sleeps

This is the life!

Mom and Dad The Boys

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I’ve been thinking about buying a boat for some time now, but really wasn’t sure I wanted to take on the responsibilities of owning one. After all, there’s the expense, which in addition to the purchase price of the boat, there’s gas, maintenance and repairs, docking and storage, cleaning, equipment, such as life jackets and a trailer, and registration and insurance. Whew! Then, what kind of boat do I want: A deck boat? bowrider? fishing boat? Finally, the time it takes for cleaning, maintenance, and launch and recovery. So, with all this in mind, it’s no wonder I was dragging my feet. I’d have probably dropped it altogether if the boys didn’t remind me every time we drove past a marina.

Well, I recently discovered an alternative to boat ownership: The Freedom Boat Club. This is a private member’s only boat club that provides all the perks of boat ownership without all the hassles. For a nominal membership fee and monthly dues (which are actually cheaper than the amount I’d pay for a berth at the marina), I have access to a fleet of boats. And since FBC is nationwide, I have access to boats in more than 75 locations throughout the US. After my monthly dues, my only expense is the fuel I use. Sounds like a great deal, right? So, where do I sign?

Wait! Before I put pen-to-paper, the deal had to pass the Alex test! It’s like “Mikey” in that old Life cereal commercial…if Mikey likes it, it must be good! I was concerned that Alex would not like being out on the water, so me and the boys took a boat for a test drive. Both Adam and Alex were excited when I told them we were going out on the boat today, but as we walked to the dock, Alex began to have second thoughts. And when I put on his life jacket, he became even more skittish. Finally, by the time we got ready to board, he was in complete, “I want to go home” mode. Well, thank heavens for Lamby!

I thought we might need Alex’s “little buddy,” so I brought him along. I pulled Lamby out of my backpack and let him get on the boat first. Once Lamby made the jump, Alex was able to step onto the deck. And although Alex was whimpering a little bit as we pulled away from the dock, it didn’t take long for his Lamby-infused courage to take hold!

And they had a BLAST!

Lamby and Alex on the boat

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