February 2014

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Neil introduced Adam to his Xbox 360…and the world will never be the same again!

Adam and Neil


My sons, Nick and Neil, were born about three years apart. On the day they were born, I bought a bottle of liquor: a bottle of Crown Royal for Nick and a bottle of Bacardi Gold Reserve for Neil. Now you might think I did this to celebrate their births, and I did, certainly, but it was really about celebrating their lives. My dream was to one day present the bottle to them and drink a toast to their success. So, for more than 20-years, I’ve cared for these bottles, and literally carried them around the world, in anticipation of that special day.

Well, I finally had the opportunity to give them the bottles and celebrate that special day. I’m very proud to say that Nick and Neil are getting married to a couple of great girls; Nick will be marrying Danielle and Neil will be marrying Rachel, and Cindy and I are delighted they’ll be joining our family!

I was very happy to be with them recently and to toast their engagements with the bottles I bought on the days they were born.

Nick and Danielle and Neil and Rachel…

Nick and Danielle Neil and Rachel

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While Adam and I drove to Alabama, Mom and Alex took in The Lego Movie. Alex was very excited…and mom reported that he absolutely loved it!

Alex and Mom

Alex is in there somewhere…

Lego Movie Cutout


Today, me and Adam hit the road to visit his big brothers, Nick and Neil and big sister, Jessica, in Alabama. His brother, Neil, just bought a house and we’re taking some furniture and other essentials to him. We’re also delivering some baby items to Jess, who will be having a baby in just a few months.

Road Trip


On the road

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Today the boys got the MVP at the local Sport Clips. This is actually one of the best franchises for Vets (per the Franchise Business Review) and is recognized as the “Official Haircutter” of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. So, I like going there, and the boys don’t mind it too much, either…

Alex at Sportclips Adam at Sportclips

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Saturday at the park, and Adam is climbing on EVERYTHING!

Adam Climbs Top of the World

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Album Art

With the advent of CDs in the 90s, LPs quickly found themselves out-of-style. Hell, digital music is doing the same thing to CDs today. Still, there’s something appealing in the cover art of these relics and it seems a waste to relegate them to a box in the closet. So, I pulled-out some of my favorites, put them in a frame, (bought a bigger extension ladder) and viola…

Ladder Album Art

Here’s a closer look at the albums…

Abbey Road Aerosmith Boston
Chicago George Carlin Imagine
Johnny Rivers Live in NYC Neil Diamond Greatest
The Jazz Singer Pink Floyd Sgt Pepper
Steve Martin

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