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It’s here! FINALLY! Boba Fett lights up in anticipation…

Boba is ready Boba lights up

While Hulk stews and grumbles…

Hulk Stews and Grumbles

Ready to go…and we’re off!

Ready to go And we're off

Who says Daddy never dresses up?

Daddy wears a helmut

About half-way through, the Hulk had had just about enough of walking, so Daddy took him back home and the two sat outside and gave out candy to all the other Trick-or-Treaters…

Dad gives out candy

Nothing could stop Boba Fett…he wouldn’t quit until all of the houses were depleated of their candy supply!

Adam waits for candy

Happy Halloween

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A bit of Halloween day fun at school as the boys dress in their THIRD SET of costumes for the “Literacy Parade”.

Alex is dressed as his favorite book character: Pete the Cat. Mom made this costume featuring Pete’s “Four Groovy Buttons”…

Pete the Cat

Of course, Action Adam is the Fire Chief!

Fire Chief

Pete and the Fire Chief (sounds like the title of a book, doesn’t it??)…

Pete and the Fire Chief

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What’s Halloween without them?

Alex and the plastic spider

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Changing things up a little bit today and putting the boys in their M&M costumes for Halloween at the Old Jail.

The event included some Trick-or-Treat fun, and a tour of the Old Jail!

Old Jail Old Jail Old Jail

After the boys collected all of their candy, the Old Jail sorta lost its appeal…

Old Jail Old Jail

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Today starts several days of Halloween costume activities. This evening the boys are going to a costume party at My Gym.

Unfortunately Boba Fett fell asleep making the Hulk have to wait…

which is, of course, something you don’t ask the Hulk to do!




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Here is the “official” 2013 Halloween costume selection. This year, the boys are going as Boba Fett and The Incredible Hulk

an unlikely alliance to be sure!

Unlikely Alliance

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But sometimes I can snap a “normal” picture…



This weekend is the boy’s cousin Colin’s birthday bash in South Florida. This is a combined birthday and Halloween party…nothing like killing 2 birds with 1 stone! Anyway, it’s a beautiful day, as we check-in to our hotel…

Boca Hotel

After we drop-off our bags and pick-up some beer, we head over to my brother’s house for the party. The boys are the M&M Twins, naturally…

M&M Twins

While Mom becomes the Grinch’s Cindy Lou Who, and Dad, well, doesn’t dress up. Ever.

Cindy Lou Who Dad does not dress up

While Dad doesn’t dress-up, Dad’s brother, David, does! It’s a great costume, except he scared all the kids…

Mad Hatter

Anyway, the boys had a great time with their cousins, and enjoyed playing all the games, like the cupcake decorating contest…

Cousins Dad helps Alex

And fell promptly asleep back at the hotel…

Adam Sleeps

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It’s a great afternoon for a bike ride! I got home a little early today and it was such a beautiful afternoon, that I took the boys out for a spin. Of corse, they’re rolling on wheels and daddy is jogging behind ’em…

Bike Ride

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Today’s our last day in Alabama and Kameran is “bored already”…

Bored already

So, we pack-up the kids and take a trip to Pratt Park, where Kameran takes the boys on a hike…

Walking to the secret place

to her “secret place” near the creek…

The secret place

All that hiking-through-the-woods-to-the-secret-place makes one awfully thirsty! Fortunately there’s a water fountain at the end of the trail, much like there was in pioneer days. Here, Kameran drinks her fill, while Alex contemplates the water fountain…

Alex and Kam at the water fountain

And with that, Kam is no longer bored, as evidenced by the best smile EVER…

Best smile

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