June 2013

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fire burn and caldron bubble…

Caldron bubble

Adam and I took a walk in the woods today and ran into this tree, well, it’s actually three trees that have grown together to form this kind of caldron, a vat filled with a gurgling brew. Anyway, it reminded me of Macbeth’s witches, which I shared with Adam, but he was only interested in WHERE the withes were.

Afterward, we walked hand-in-hand, down to the creek…

Adam and Dad

Alex joined us on the way and once there, we investigated the effect a branch or a rock has on one’s reflection in the water…

Adam and Alex at the creek

Pretty exciting, eh?

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Today the boys and I took a road trip to Virginia to see Nana and Pop. This trip was “men only” and allows mommy to enjoy a little stay-at-home-vacation. Adam is my co-pilot in the passenger seat, and Alex is the navigator in the jump-set between us.

From his vantage point, Adam captured a picture of the highway as it unfolded before us…

Highway Highway

Anyway, we arrived late this afternoon and the sun will soon be setting on our first day…

Sunset in Stuart

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Have you ever had one of those days?

Tough day at school


It’s a hot June afternoon and what better way to cool off than to take a dip in the pool. The boys really love the water! Action Adam is all over the place, while Alex is still a little insecure in the water. Alex normally just plays around on the steps, but he’s getting more and more ambitions each day (with a little help from dad).

Adam slides into the pool Dad and Alex in the pool

Speaking of “all over the place”…this is an understatement since Adam started swimming solo…

Adam swims


It’s a great day to be a dad! Like all Father’s Days in our house, dad gets up with the kids and makes coffee and fixes milk for the kids and watches the kids and drinks coffee while mom sleeps in. 😉

What makes this day different is the little surprise the boys had for me…

Father's Day Gift

So, what did we do on this Father’s Day? We went to the Jacksonville Zoo. I haven’t been here since I was a kid, and it hasn’t changed all that much…

Jax Zoo Entrance

So here we are, and here we go…

Dad and the boys Holding hands

There’s lots of stuff to see, but we spent an inordinate amount of time looking at the turtles and fish…

Zoo Bridge With mom on the bridge

Of course, the highlight of the trip isn’t the animals; it’s the TRAIN!

Zoo train

So, we bought our tickets and climbed aboard!

Buying our train tickets Sitting on the train

It was a nice afternoon. We saw a lot of animals, rode the train, enjoyed some ice cream, and had a great time together. Now, I guess we’ll take a nap…


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Well, the soccer season is over and the coaches made the trophy presentations today. I’m really not sure how well we did because there wasn’t much score-keeping going on. After all, what’s most important is that the kids have fun, right? I suppose that’s okay for 4-year-olds being introduced to the game, but I hope this doesn’t continue into the “older” leagues. It’s important for kids to learn that you don’t always win…and that you can still enjoy the game when you lose!

Anyway, they were pretty proud of their trophies (even if they didn’t quite understand their purpose :-))

Adam's Trophy Alex's Trophy

And what better way to celebrate than a trip to the park? Which, incidentally, was a lot more fun for them than the trophy ceremony!

Adam spelled backwards is “monkey”…

Jungle Adam Adam runs across the platform

Adam loves to slide pose on the slide!

Alex on the slide Alex on the slide Alex on the slide

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