May 2013

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Today we ordered Cindy’s new license plate. Of course I thought the “double-z” thing made it sound kinda ghetto, but hey, it’s her car!

Fer rizzle!



What better way to relax and unwind after a morning of hard-hitting soccer play? A visit to the water park. This is always a treat for the boys.

Adam is always quick to make a splash!

Adam makes a splash Adam makes a splash

Alex, who usually shies away from all the splashing, preferring the tranquility and calm water of the grown-up pool, felt rather adventurous today!

Alex makes a splash Alex makes a splash

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Well, the soccer heads are at it agin!

Getting Ready

They’re getting a lot better at the game, so it’s a lot more fun to them now.

Alex kicks a goal Adam gets airborne

About halfway through the practice, the coaches stop play for a water break. Adam doesn’t even leave the field, but Alex must move to a more quiet area to enjoy his Gatorade…

Of course, their favorite thing to do is kick the ball into the net to score. In fact, if they could, they’d just stand there an do that all day. If it weren’t for the other team, they’d just continue to drive-up the score…

Adam and Alex at the goal


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A pretty interesting site, as Adam watches a Mother Goose walking across the parking lot with her gosling. Seems they were doing some shopping…

Adam and Mother Goose Mother Goose and Gosling

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Back to Virginia for work, and this is what I spy outside my office: A raccoon eating a sandwich.

Raccoon eating a sandwich

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Today starts the first day of pool season!

How do we get in again?

Running around the pool

At last!

Adam on the waterfall Adam and Alex in the water

The boys also had a big-ball-water-sprayer-thing that Adam seemed to enjoy–he kept running back-and-forth through the spray. Alex, on the other hand, and true to form, could do without it.

Alex can do without it

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Today we took the boys to a special event sponsored by their school program: An open house at a local farm. They had games, prizes, lots of food, and HORSES!

Action Adam took to it right away…

Adam on horseback

Alex the Cautious went as far as to climb-up on the saddle, but he just as quickly scrambled off again. He was a little timid around the horses, but he soon warmed-up to them. (not enough to ride one, though!)

Alex is timid Alex pats the horse

After our horse adventure, we took a snow cone break before heading home…

Sitting on a log