April 2013

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My nephew Stuart has enlisted in the Navy and is heading off to basic training next week. So, this old Air Force Chief wanted to give him the proper send-off.

Anchors aweigh!

Stuart at the Tilted Kilt

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Today is Cindy’s birthday. I don’t want to give away he age, but let’s just say that in 50 more years, she’ll be 100!

Cindy’s present from me and the boys was this patio furniture…

Cindy's Patio Furniture

And the birthday cake (which is beckoning Adam’s sweet-tooth)

Cindy's Birthday Cake

So, what did Cindy want to do for the BIG FIVE-O? Something different…something she hadn’t tried before…

HOOKAH! Hookah?

Yep, hookah! There’s a little Mediterranean restaurant not far from the house that has a hookah bar, so here we are!

Hookah pipe At the hookah bar

“Tastes like chocolate”

Cindy smokes hookah

Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

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Despite the fact that I despise the game of soccer, Cindy enrolled the boys in a league. It’s not that I really “despise” the game, I’ve just never been that interested in a game where you can’t touch the ball with your hands. I mean, there’s something inherently un-American in that, and I’m sure the Founding Father would agree! After all, that’s why they started drinking coffee in the “new land” instead of tea!

Anyway, the boys are playing now, so I guess I better learn the rules, so I can keep the other kids (and parents) in line.

The boys are looking sharp in their uniforms, and waiting patiently for practice to begin…


Alex was a little apprehensive, because he, too, considers Soccer to be un-American, but with some coaxing (and an escort) from Aunt GiGi, he takes his place on the field.

Alex and GiGi

Today’s skill seems to be dribbling, and Alex takes to it right away…

Alex Dribbles Alex dribbles some more

Adam didn’t do too bad, but it doesn’t seem to come as naturally to him.

AAdam dribbles Adam dribbles some more

He’s absolutely LOVING it, though!

Adam runs

To quote a great American: “Well, that’s life in the fast-paced slam-bang, live-on-the-razor’s-edge, laugh-in-the-face-of-death world of junior league soccer.”

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At last night’s offsight, we christened Chris’s new party area, “The Voodoo Lounge! Chris asked me and Kyle to affix the “Voodoo Too” plank to the Big Green Egg Station.

And we did…

Voodoo Too

Considering this is the only picture from the offsite, I must surmise that we had a pretty good time. If the beer bottles around the lounge area are any indication, we certainly did. 😉

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