November 2012

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Let the traditional after-Thanksgiving offsite begin! Forget the left-over turkey, we have red meat!

Offsite Dinner

Follow that up with 18-year-old single malt Scotch and hand-rolled cigars…

Offsite Florida


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Getting ready for the big feast today with friends and family. First, we’re converting the Big Green Egg into a blast furnace to superheat the coals for the Thanksgiving turkey! (don’t tell Cindy, but I needed to use her blow-dryer)…

Big Green Egg Blast Furnace

Dinner is about done, and as with all large family gatherings, the kids enjoy each others company at their very own table…

Thanksgiving Kids

I’m the last to fix his plate…

Fixing My Plate

We almost didn’t have enough room at the dining room table…actually, we didn’t have enough room, which is why the kids had their own table!

The Gang

Dig in!

Dig In!

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Travel through Northern Virginia wouldn’t be complete without taking time out for an offsite. The meeting will now come to order…


Tonight, feeling a little like Captain Jack taking a ride on the Black Pearle!

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…we have rats!

I don’t know what Cindy was thinking, but the boys are now the proud parents of two baby Guinea Pigs.

I suppose it’ll teach the boys about responsibility. After all, it’s a tough job caring for a pet. It’s simply going to wear the boys out with Mom assuming complete responsibility for the care and feeding of these rodents.

We have rats

Their names are Leonard and Sheldon! Bazinga!

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Today we visiting the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. When I was a kid, this was known as “The Children’s Museum” and it’s still got a lot of exhibits and activities that cater to kids. One of my favorite exhibits was this dinosaur fossil that used to be positioned right at the entrance to the museum, but now has been relegated to some interior alcove.

I must admit that it seemed much, much bigger when I was a kid…


After our tour of the museum, we spent some time relaxing at Friendship Park, while enjoying the Jacksonville skyline.

Friendship Park

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