July 2012

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Tonight Cindy and I are left the boys with Maria, and enjoyed a night on the town. We spent the evening relaxing at Jax Beach, and feasted on crab legs at Joe’s…

Date Night

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…or rather, the day after. I was leading a meeting on my birthday and had to wrap things up in Fredericksburg before I could join the family for the weekend. Cindy made key-lime cupcakes, my favorite! And the boys helped me open the presents…

Happy Birthday Daddy


Happy Birthday Daddy


Today, Cindy and the boys are playing at Julington Creek Plantation Park…

Alex enjoys the refreshing water and pushes up the incline.

Alex wades in the pool

Adam is the master of the water-slide: Whoosh!

Alam takes the slide

Alex contemplates the water-slide while striking the classic Ed Sullivan pose:

“And now…right here on our shoo…Betty the Dancing Bear and the Parrot Jugglers of Guadalajara…”

Ed Sullivan

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Spending a couple of days with my good friend (and the boys Godfather), Chris. It’s nice to carry-on the tradition of “the offsite” that we started in the USAF!

I hereby call this meeting of the Command Barstool Association to order…

Loose Cannons Scotch and Cigars

“We stand for nothing; sometimes we can’t even stand”

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Home for the Fourth of July: Cindy made some very patriotic looking strawberries, and the boys are anxious to get the grill going and jump in the pool…well, jump in the pool…

Patriotic Strawberries Dad and the Boys

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