November 2011

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This year we spent our Thanksgiving holiday with the boys’ Godfamily, Chris, Sherrie, and their little boy Chase (a.k.a. Billy the Kid). We took-off Wednesday afternoon for the 4-hour drive south.

The dinner was fantastic and much, much more was available than we could possibly eat. We’re going to spend another day here before we head back up to PA.


It was great to see our friends again and the boys (dubbed “The Angry Men” by Chase) had a blast playing with their “Godbrother,” Billy the Kid…

The Angry Men and Billy the Kid

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Today, the boys received the neatest gift from their “Poppy”…a pair of home-made wooden tractors with trailers.

Tractors Tractor Play

Twins for the twins 🙂

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Today Cindy took the boys to the fall festival in Peddler’s Village. In addition to the face-painting, which as you can see, Adam loves, and Alex, not so much, the boys enjoy some tailgating on fun veichles like fire trucks and ambulances.

Of course, Alex takes his sweet time and savors his meal, while Adam is done quickly, and impatiently waiting to move-on to the next activity!

Today we visited the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. What a great time! The boys got to color on floors, climb through tunnels, color on walls, play games, and did I mention they got to color?

There was so much to do and needless to say, we did a lot of running in the factory. This photo of Adam just about sums-up the day…

Ghost in the Machine