September 2011

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There’s a small munincipal airport about a mile up the road and the flight path for takeoff and landing is over our house. That’s okay with Adam because he absolutely loves watching the planes fly over…

I’m sure he can just imagine himself soaring through the clouds!


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There’s a little girl that lives up the street, her name is Paige. She and her brother, CJ, often come to the house to play with the boys. Quite surprising, really, considering they’re quite a bit older than these two-year-old twin boys. Anyway, they’re good kids and the boys love it when they come to play…

Who’ll get to the ball first?

Who else?

I can’t push the swing fast enough for Alex…his giggles intensify with the speed and height of the swing!

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The boys love to play in their bouncy house, although not quite the way you might think. They’re not content to simply jump and bounce, nope, to achieve maximum funnage, one must also flip end-over-end…


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