August 2011

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The boys have begun saying their prayers at night. They put their hands together and bow their heads as mom or dad says the prayer, then they both say, “Amen.” Too cute!

Note to self: Although it’s tradition, and you’d think, harmless, to wish them, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” one should never say the “bedbug” part to Adam. We said that to him, and he worriedly looked down at his mattress saying “Bite”-“Bug”-“Bite” as he climbed out of bed, never to return.

It took about 30-minutes to reassure him that there were, in fact, no bedbugs or bugs of any kind, in his bed, and there was nothing that was going to bite him.

Which was fortunate, otherwise we were looking at having to do something like this…

Bedbugs Cartoon

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Despicable Me We recently picked up a copy of Despicable Me on Blu-Ray.

The boys love it…especially Alex! (Dad likes it, too!)

The story features super-villain Felonious Gru (Steve Carell), who operates out of his suburban home that serves as a front for an underground lair where he, his partner, Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), and thousands of short yellow minions plan their nefarious deeds. The minions are these little yellow, ovalish creatures in blue coveralls that sound just like Alex when they laugh!

Evidently, they think so, too…

Alex and Minion

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…and the balls are pretty cheap, too!

2 for 5

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The summer has been rather hot this year. Don’t get me wrong, mind you, I prefer this summer heat to the bitter cold winter weather we had this year! Anyway, what better way to take advantage of the warm weather than to spend a day at the pool? Well, Cindy and the boys favorite cousin, Katie, did just that…

Here, Alex sits perched atop the frog slide waiting for someone to push him. The other kids were lining up behind him, so his brother ended up giving him a shove.

Alex Slides

Alex, the pseudo-swimmer…

Alex Swims

Adam and Katie take shelter under the water umbrella. Adam was a little timid and shied away at first, until Katie forged ahead…

Adam and Katie

SPLASH-DOWN, Adam! Alex is up next!
Katie and the boys

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