June 2011

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Just look at them! Sitting together in the sandbox. Have you ever seen anything sweeter? I wonder what they’re talking about? It doesn’t matter really. You can tell just by looking at them, that they’re the best of friends: amigos, companions, mates, buddies, partners, chums…

Playing in the Sandbox 1

Until one’s back is turned…

Playing in the Sandbox 2

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The Phone Call

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Well, the boys recently got haircuts. I was glad, mainly because it had become such a chore combing the boys’ hair–both had begun to run, hide, twist, turn, worm, and wiggle, every time we approached them with a brush in hand. And if that wasn’t enough, there was the inevitable exercise in coordination as they bobbed-and-weaved out of the path of the comb. Still, mom was saddened to see their curls dropping to the ground. So, here they are “before”…

Alex Adam

and “after”…

Water Table

I’m thinking they’re pretty happy with it, too; at least it was a lot easier combing their hair that evening.

(or maybe they were just afraid that I’d shave it all off it they didn’t start cooperating! ;-))


You know when you’re a NASCAR fan when your kids go to sleep with a race car instead of a teddy bear…


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…to mow the lawn, of course!

Mowing the Lawn

This is an example of yard maintenance training. The trick is to make them think it’s a game, so when they’re a little older, they’ll still enjoy mowing the lawn while I snooze in the hammock! 😉 (This is where having twins really pays off!!)

Adam loves mowing!

( yawn )

I feel a nap coming on!

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Everybody was kung-fu fighting…

Kung Fu Fighting

Those cats were fast as lightning…

Kung Fu Fighting

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After a painfully long, drawn-out Winter (which seemed to stretch into May), it’s finally looking and feeling like Spring. The days since we’ve been home have been in the 70s and 80s, the grass is growing (and so are the weeds), and the flowers are blooming…

In fact, they seem pretty inviting to this little bumble bee:

Lavender and Bee

Lavender and Bee

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