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Today we spent some time at Longboat Key and visited the Mote Aquarium

We saw sharks and rays, and all manner of marine life…

like jelly fish…

Jelly Fish

Marlon and Dory…

Marlon and Dory

and whatever these are…

Curious Fish

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The boys first visit with Granddad Tom and Nanny Barbie, who are visiting from England…

Tom and Barbara


Visiting Poppy and Nanny Vera…

Mom and Poppy


It’s early morning and we haven’t begun getting ready to go out for the day. We’ll be visiting Cindy’s mom and step dad this afternoon, but now there’s plenty of action inside while Kameran teaches her uncles how to do a headstand…


and a heel stretch…

Heel Stretch

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Today was our last day at Disney. Jess and Kameran are flying in to Tampa this afternoon, and we’ll be meeting in Sarasota to spend a few days together visiting family. The boys we sleeping pretty well, so we weren’t up as early as we were yesterday, getting off to a later start. We had a mid-morning breakfast at the Shades of Green restaurant, and were off to “Animal Kingdom”…

Animal Kingdom Entrance Boys Waiting

At Animal Kingdom

First things first, we made our way to the “Festival of the Lion King” show. Fortunately, we made it there just a few minutes before the show was due to begin, so there was really no time for the boys to meltdown ;-). Once inside, they were a bit antsy, but as soon as the show began they settled down. In fact, they really got into the audience participation stuff, making elephant noises and holding out their arms like a trunk. I was surprised that they liked the show as much as they did.

Next we put our names on the fast-track list for the “Kilimanjaro Safari” and went to see the “Finding Nemo Musical”. Evidently, sleep was catching up with the boys because they crashed for about 40-minutes in the stroller…

Sleeping Boys

The Nemo show was about 40-minutes long, but the boys, for the most part, sat still and watched the show. Although as far as Disney shows go, it certainly wasn’t one of my favorites. We got out with just enough time to make the Safari, which was the boys favorite event of the day…


Dad and Alex on Safari

Alex and Adam after the Safari Family Safari

We had a good time, but it was getting late and everyone was starving-hungry. We had dinner at “Pizzafari,” then made our way to the park’s exit.

One last look, as we cross the bridge…

Animal Kingdom

And we were off to Sarasota.

The drive wasn’t too bad. The boys slept a good portion of the way and we made it to the condo in under 2 hours. Jess and Kam were at their Poppy’s waiting for us to arrive, and he drove them over and visited for a bit before heading home. It’s gonna be nice to unwind for a few days!

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We were up early because Cindy made 8:15 reservations at the Crystal Palace! The boys slept pretty well (after they finally went to sleep), so getting going wasn’t too awfully difficult. We were out the door about 7:30 and off to breakfast. We parked close enough to walk to the Magic Kingdom entrance where we activated our park-hopper passes. We rode the ferry into Disney…


and made a beeline for the Crystal Palace and breakfast…

The Crystal Palace

Alex and Adam love mixing with the Disney celebrities…

Pooh Bear

Piglett Piglett

After breakfast we started making our way around the park. We went on several rides, like “It’s a Small World” and saw a couple of shows, like “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” (in 3-D). Adam really liked the carousel…

Adam on the Carousel

We made it through Fantasyland and Frontierland, and the boys were ready for a nap (the telltale behavior thing), so we returned to the room for some quiet time. You’d think they’d be ready for a nap, but not these boys, they got a 2-minute power nap on the way back from the park, and were ready for more action. Still, we tried to put them down, hoping for a few minutes of rest ourselves. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and we were getting pretty hungry.

So, we were off to Disney Hollywood Studios for late-lunch-early-dinner at the Backlot, and the highlight of the trip for the boys, a chance to meet Woody and Buzz…

While waiting in line for the Toy Story stars, Cindy and Adam met “The Claw”…

The Claw

Meeting Buzz and Woody

They loved meeting their favorite Toy Story stars. They just stood there staring up at them, then they ran to ’em and hugged their legs…

Buzz and Woody

We did a few other things at Disney Hollywood, like “The Little Mermaid” show, but in the end, it all paled in comparison to the Buzz and Woody experience!

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We were up at 5:00 am to get to the airport by 6:30 (for an 8:00 flight). The boys snoozed for the ride into Philly. We checked in curbside for our Southwest flight, and fought our way through security. We were naturally among the first to board the plane. Me and the boys sat together in three seats with mom just behind. It wasn’t long before the plane began to taxi.

Adam really enjoyed the take-off experience, and giggled non-stop for the ride to altitude; Alex, on the other hand, was literally terrified! He scrambled out of the seat belt, jumped into my lap, clamped his arms around my neck, and buried his face in my shoulder. Every so often he’d venture a peek out the window, and squeeze tight as he saw the earth moving further and further away! All the while, Adam is talking and giggling!

After the plane leveled out and the seat belt sign came off, Alex settled down. We spent most of the flight watching Toy Story 2 on my iPad…

Watching the iPad

The landing wasn’t too bad and Alex actually joined in with his brother in giggling (although he did panic just a bit when the wheels hit the tarmac).

After grabbing our luggage, we headed to National for our mini-van rental. Then we were off to the Magic Kingdom…

Welcome to Disney

We stayed at the Shades of Green Resort…

Shades of Green Shades of Green

Checking in Checking in

After checking in and getting settled (diaper changes, juice cups filled, etc.), we headed out to “Downtown Disney” for a late lunch, a little shopping, and some sightseeing. We ate at “T-Rex,” which is a big, brash dinosaur-themed restaurant. It seats more than 620 people, has a couple of dozen life-size robotic dinosaurs, and real fossils encased in the bathroom walls. The boys had chicken strips; I had a beer…

Downtown Disney T-Rex

After lunch, which included roaring dinosaurs and meteor showers every 20-minutes, we walked through the town. The boys really got a kick out of the Toy Story displays at the Lego store…

Lego Buzz Woody and Buzz

We wrapped-up the day about 6:00 pm. They boys had had a l-o-n-g day; they were very tired, which was readily apparent in their behavior. So, we returned to our room at the resort for baths and bed.

Although the bath went off without a hitch, bedtime didn’t sink-in until after 10:00 pm. By that time, mom and dad were beyond exhausted!

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Yes, that’s exactly what I am, for tomorrow, I’m boarding a plane for a 2-1/2 hour flight to Orlando to take 2-1/2-year-old twin boys on a Disney World “vacation.”

I can see it now:


“times two”

Let’s see, what other words could possibly describe my state-of-mind?

ape, barmy, bats in the belfry, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazed, cuckoo, daft, delirious, demented, deranged, dingy, dippy, erratic, flaky, flipped, flipped out, freaked out, fruity, idiotic, insane, kooky, lunatic, mad, mad as a March hare, mad as a hatter, maniacal, mental, moonstruck, nuts, nutty, nutty as fruitcake, of unsound mind, out of one’s mind, out of one’s tree, out to lunch, psycho, round the bend, schizo, screw loose, screwball, screwy, silly, touched, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped, and wacky!

That just about does it…pick one! What in the world am I thinking?!?

( help me! )

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Breaking news from Hollywood: Alex to star in the next James Bond thriller, Dr. Poop. Of course the thouchy-feely, namby-pamby execs in the studio weren’t “comfortable” with a 2-year-old staring down the barrel of a gun, so they opted for a slide instead…

James Bond

So much for tradition…

James Bond opening

…politically correct wusses!

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Adam zips around the house in his Lightening McQueen racer fueled only by the swiftness of his little feet. Speed isn’t his only attribute, though, as he has become quite adept at whirling around, jumping over, and flying through various obstacles.

Of course, he has a tendency to bite-off a little more than he can chew…

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