March 2011

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Cindy took the boys on an outing to the BucksMont Indoor Sports Center to burn off some late-morning energy. They had lots of toys and games for the kids, and while Adam found a sporty “Little Tykes” car to cruise in…

Adam drives

Alex found a friend…

Alex and Winnie

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I visited Anchorage, Alaska, a few years back, and one of the highlights was Humpy’s Great Alaska Ale House. Good beer and great food. Naturally, I bought a hat.

Although it doesn’t appear to be my hat, anymore…

Adam in his Humpys Hat

( sigh )

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It’s nice to venture outside again as the cold, windy, wetness of the past couple of months gives way to increasing warmth and sunshine. Unfortunately, the ground is still pretty damp due to the recent rainfall (not to mention the melting snow), so Cindy takes the boys for a walk around the block. Naturally, when one goes for a walk, it’s good and proper to push a lawnmower.

All goes well until Alex decides to backtrack…

This Way and That

Caring for twins is sometimes like herding cats.

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