September 2010

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Lazy Daze

Adam slouches against the couch because he’s too darn lazy to sit.

That, or he’s just laying back and ready at a moment’s notice to kick into action!

Adam Slouches

Remember Wacky Packages from the 70’s? They were a series of trading cards (stickers) featuring parodies of North American consumer products. They were produced by Topps Company beginning in 1967. Anyway, this picture of Adam brought to mind one of those stickers:


The tag line reads: “Good for nothin’ couch-potato chips: Guaranteed fresh until your parents throw you out!”

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What up?

Caption courtesy of BigHugeLabs

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Alex just loves to read. Every night before the boys go to bed, we sit together and I read them a story or two. Every night, Alex takes the book(s) we were reading and puts them in his crib. One night, I awaken to hear Alex “talking,” so I creep into his room where I find Adam fast asleep and Alex sitting in the corner of his crib with his back to me. I peer over the edge of the crib and he has the book open and is “reading” it.

Alex reads

Alex, the bookworm.

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whereas the boys get a chance to sport their new galoshes, or maybe you prefer boat shoes, dickersons, overshoes, rubbers, or rain boots…

Anyway, whatever you choose to call them, Alex and Adam were sportin’ ’em!

Alex and Adam in Rain Boots

Adam tries ’em out in a convenient puddle. (hmmm…normally mommy yells at me when I do this!)

Splashing in puddle

Next they take ’em for a spin…

Pushing the car

Verdict: Although the boots make us look kinda silly, the puddle-splashing freedom they provide is well worth it!

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