August 2010

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What? School!!?? Already??? But Summer only just started…

First day of school

Life is unfair.

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This afternoon we went to the first annual pig roast the local VFW post. The food was great! Adam especially liked the corn on the cob (of which he ate two or three ears)!

Adam of the corn:

Adam eats corn

Alex, on the other hand, nibbled on corn bread, but gave up eating to search for daddy when he left for the dessert table…

The little boy lost:

Alex looks for daddy

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The boys saw the big kids playing on the trampoline, and wanted to fly and flip like they did. The only problem, they don’t have enough body weight to achieve what in physics is known as the “trampoline effect”–that is the “bounce” reaction that occurs when an object impacts the trampoline (or baseball bat, tennis racket, or golf club). But I digress…

The little guys, try though they might, couldn’t do much more than walk around on the elastic surface. So, I gave ’em a bit of assistance…

Artificial bouncing!

which results in a two-fold increase in the “giggle factor” (another physics term), and a lot more fun!



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Adam is “talking it up” with his Nana…

Adam and Nana

If we just knew what he was saying…

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Isn’t that the way it goes? A sweet, endearing hug between brothers…


Then, the inevitable take-down…

Take Down

and the wrestling match is on!


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Adam may very well be President one day. Just look at him as he walks purposefully across the White House lawn to board the presidential helicopter, Marine One…

Adam walks across the lawn

waving at the men and women of the press corps…

Adam waves

My son. The President.

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You can’t photograph a butterfly…


without imagining the very hungry caterpillar


Fly away…


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The Boys

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When I was a kid, we had “swing-sets.”

Today, we don’t call them “swing-sets.” Now they’re called “Endless Adventures PlayCenter Playground.” I’m not fooled by this new terminology because “Endless Adventures PlayCenter Playground” is nothing more than a fancy-pants way to say “swing-set.”

So, today, I put together the boys new Endless Advent swing-set, and boy, did they have a blast!

Alex says, “Can I swing now?”

Alex wants to swing

Daddy pushes, or rather, pulls Alex…

Daddy pulls Alex

Mommy: Pushing and Posing 🙂

Mommy swings the boys

Now don’t ask me about putting that darn thing together! That’s a story in itself….and not an altogether pleasant one.

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