February 2010

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The boys got a new toy today: An expandable tunnel that looks like a caterpillar. As usual, Adam jumps (or in this case, crawls) right in!

Alex and Adam explore the tunnelAlex and Adam explore the tunnel

The boy has no fear!

Alex and Adam explore the tunnel

Alex, on the other hand, as usual, takes the more conservative, wait-and-see, approach.

Alex and Adam explore the tunnel

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Top of the world…


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It’s time for the Super Bowl and the Colts-Saints match-up!! Which is the favored team? Both, of course!

Alex in Manning JerseyAlex in Brees Jersey

The boys discuss the finer points of place-kicking using one of their Hush Puppies…


It’s game-time!


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We’re seeing record snowfall in PA and it gives the boys plenty of opportunity to experience the strange, white, soft, shifting blanket covering the once hard grassy landscape…

Adam, the adventurer, presses forward without much thought to the consequences.

Adam walks in the snow

Alex, on the other hand, remains skeptical, seemingly evaluating the pros and cons of venturing into the unknown, patiently awaiting a report from his brother.

Alex is skeptical

The report arrives quickly: It’s C-O-L-D!

Adam falls in the snowAdam falls in the snow

Alex, finally gives in to the temptation…and he’s off and running!

Alex in the snow

The verdict? Snow is fun!

Snow is fun

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Cindy has the boys dressed and ready to venture into the February chill. She thinks the funny little hats are adorable, but I think they give rise to impressions of Medieval Court Jesters…

Funny Hats

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