January 2010

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…Actually, it’s amazing they’re able to sit still enough to actually watch TV!

Watching the Toob

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Recently, Adam began walking around the house looking quite contemplative, with his hands clasped behind his back: A toddler investment banker weighing the options of the next Teddy Bear merger…

The Supervisor

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Eat your heart out Peter Fonda…

Alex is Easy Rider

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Alex is all boy … he just loves toy cars and trucks. And although this little fire truck is self-propelled, he prefers “driving” it himself. In fact, he’s probably logged 500 miles this weekend … all on his knees! 😉

Alex drives

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Well, Adam has learned to climb the stairs …

Adam climbs the stairs Adam climbs the stairs Adam climbs the stairs

And he’s pretty proud of himself 🙂

Adam climbs the stairs

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Hot on the heals of the toilet paper terrorists, I cautiously enter the living room, and although I think I’m prepared for anything, I stand aghast at the unbelievable carnage unveiled before me…

DVD Mess

The culprits must have employed the very latest in stealth technology because Mom and Dad were none the wiser that such destruction was being perpetrated against our unsuspecting home. So, if you come across these little mischief-makers, don’t be fooled by their look of innocence…

Wanted Poster

They’re experts in mess-making!

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Raging Bull

Yesterday, Adam took a little tumble and earned a pretty good shiner in the process. I’m afraid he’s not going to make a very good boxer if he keeps leading with his face…


Since his birth, Adam has continually bumped, scratched, knocked, hit, and drove his melon into or against the floor, wall, table, chair, his brother, my head, the washing machine, the television, and oh so much more. Taken collectively, his markings would resemble those of the famous Jake LaMotta, the “Raging Bull!”

Raging Bull

( sigh )

Alas, ’tis the price of a curious, headstrong child…

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Happy New Year

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