December 2009

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The boys got a bouncing, spinning, noise-making, and light flashing horse for Christmas…

and they feel just like the Lone Ranger!

(at least they would if they knew who the Lone Ranger was)

Of course, only one could be the Lone Ranger, the other would have to be Tonto!

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I’ve said it before, Alex can sleep anywhere

and he still does!

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Although this was technically the boys second Christmas, it was the first time they really knew (or at least had an idea that) something was going on.

Their stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

Were you boys good this year? I don’t know….

Finally! They got to open their presents!

Of course they would rather play with the wrapping paper, than the presents…

Now we have to get all this stuff back home! I’m thinking we’ll need a U-Haul! ( sigh )

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Merry Christmas

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Over the river and through the woods to Great Grandpa’s house we go…

A family tradition: The whole family–parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles–all get together on Christmas Eve to have dinner and exchange gifts. It’s mainly an event for the kids, but the adults, most of them anyway ;-), get into it, too. This was my first Christmas home in almost 10 years, and the twins first. They had a blast, too (Adam was such a show-off, and Alex just loved being held).

There were so many gifts, it took three people to pass them out…

Cindy helped the kids open presents …

The boys hanging out with their cousin Eddie…

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All Played Out

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A late fall snowstorm dumped several inches of snow on our house Saturday and into the night. It was quite beautiful to watch and breathtaking the next morning with the sun shinning and a slight brisk wind blowing…

It’s been 15 years since we’ve had a White Christmas!

Snow in PA

Snow in PASnow in PA

Of course, I also got the opportunity to shovel snow for the first time in about 15 years…and you know what?

Snow in PASnow in PA

It still sucks! 😉

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Mommy took a picture of the boys sitting in their matching push-and-go cars to put on a “Thank You” card for everyone who was kind enough to send along their “Happy Birthday’s”…

Thank You

Thanks, Everyone!

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Mission Impossible


“Good morning, Mr. Phelps. Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate and destroy a toilet paper terrorism cell located in Eastern Pennsylvania. The leaders of this clandestine organization are twin brothers, Alex and Adam. They’re responsible for two completely harmless, yet incredibly messy toilet paper incidents, and if left unchecked will continue to wreck havoc in their suburban home. As always should any member of your IM force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This blog will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck Jim.”


Adam BustedAlex Busted

Then they tried to eat the evidence…

Eat the evidenceEat the evidence

I suppose if Jim Phelps and his IM Force can’t bring an end to the boys’ reign of terror, we’ll have to turn to Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin…

Man from UNCLE

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Today we took a little road trip to Hershey, PA, to see the Christmas lights. The weather was rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop us. We bundled up the kids and headed out. The boys and Kameran had a blast, and so did the grown-ups. While visiting the Hershey candy museum, we took a little “how we make chocolate” tour, with singing cows and swirling chocolate. Alex thoroughly enjoyed the ride…

Alex on the Hershey Tour

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