November 2009

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Alex holds hands with his brother while tooling around the mall in the stroller …

Alex holds hands with his brotherAlex holds hands with his brother

There’s a closeness between these two that’s amazing to watch, especially when they don’t know you’re watching!

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The boys first visit with Santa. They didn’t quite know what to make of the “jolly old elf”, but they really seemed to take a liking to him. Alex especially liked his beard …

The boys with Santa

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The boys celebrated their first Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, mashed, sweet, and roasted potatos, green bean casserole, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, fresh-baked bread with butter, and a ba-ba to wash it all down..mmm mmm.

Although we tried to have the boys sit at the table, in the end we had to put the trays on their highchairs. For some reason the plates and place mats we put in front of them kept sliding onto the floor. 😉

( sigh )

First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

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Today, Alex discovered his shadow…

Alex and his shadow

Although he seemed a little annoyed that the sun was shining so brightly behind him…

Alex and his shadow

Adam just didn’t want to have anything to do with this whole “shadow” business…

Adam walks away

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“When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.”

Kung Fu

“Grasshopper! Get your butt back here with my pebble!!”

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Whereas Alex simply can’t wait for his food to be prepared, and begins gnawing on the bag-o-wipes…

Happy Meal

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The vampire movie, “New Moon,” opened yesterday. I know of this movie because our first Nanny, Hannah, simply loved the whole “Twilight” saga. The books, the movies, everything.

So, this is for you, Hannah: Adam, your “Twilight Baby” …

Twilight Baby

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Cindy and the boys visited with mom and the rest of the family, while me and my dad continued on to Pennsylvania to meet the movers. The movers arrived on Wednesday and unloaded the truck, while dad and I began unpacking. Cindy, mom and the boys came up yesterday. Now, the bulk of the packing is finished, but we’ll be spending the next couple of weeks finishing-up.

Here’re a couple of pictures of the boys visit with the family in Virginia…

Alex and Adam with their favorite cousin Katie
The boys w/ their favorite cousin, Katie!

Adam models his new Winter duds
Adam models his new winter duds!

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Today, Alex and Adam had their first haircuts. They sat in Mommy’s lap while the stylist did her thing …

Alex first haircutAdam first haircut

… and not a tear was shed (except for maybe Mommy at the loss of Adam’s curls!).

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This week we’ve spent packing-out of our house, readying for our trip to our new home in Pennyslvania. The packers have done a great job so far, and will be loading the truck tomorrow. This evening we checked into billeting at Keesler AFB, where we’ll be spending the next two nights. We came in and set the boys down on the carpet, and after crawling around for less than 5-minutes, their knees, hands, and feet were filthy!! The carpets hadn’t been cleaned–shampooed–in who-knows-how-long!!!! The ambivalence of the lodging staff when I called to complain was a testament to the maintenance-level of this room. Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at Adam’s knees and feet…

Dirty Billeting Room

Sad. So, sad.

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