October 2009

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This evening there was a block party in the neighborhood. Everyone met in the small field on the corner for a pot-luck and some socializing before heading out to the houses for trick-or-treat. The boys, in their “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” costumes were a big hit!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Of course, the hair didn’t stay on too long! 😉

Thing 1 and Thing 2, no hair

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Today is Halloween! I flew in late last night after spending an hour-and-a-half on the ground in Jacksonville due to weather in Atlanta. Fortunately, my flight to Gulfport was delayed as well, so I made it home just a couple hours late (about midnight). Cindy picked me up at the airport, and my buddy Chris (the boys’ Godfather) was there as well. After a brief visit while picking up my bags, I bid Chris farewell, and Cindy and I drove home. Angela, the nanny, was watching the boys, and left within a few minutes of our return. It was nice to be home again and reunited with my family. Of course, the boys were in bed, but I visited them while they slept and spent a few minutes simply enjoying the quiet sound of their breathing.

Now, it’s morning and the boys are up and about. Cindy has them dressed in their “My 1st Halloween” jammies and we were just playing together. It was heartwarming to see the excitement on their faces when they saw me! I was afraid they wouldn’t recognize me after being gone for a month…

Jersey ShoreJersey Shore

Life is good!

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I’m in Jacksonville, Florida, on business this week, and as I deplane, I get a text message from Cindy that said she was at the ER with Alex, who had spiked a 103.5º temperature. Cindy and Alex have been battling this fever for the last 3 or 4 days, and every time he starts to perk up, his fever knocks him back down. They were at the ER for about 3 hours while the doc ran some tests, no flu, but it was likely something viral that’ll just need to run its course. Hopefully, it’ll be over soon. Cindy has hardly gotten any sleep the last couple of days, and has had to care for a sick baby, and his brother! She’s amazing!

I feel terrible that I can’t be there to lend a hand…she sure could use the help, and support. Thankfully, this is our last week apart.

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Adam Lounging

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Sunday night, I drove to Atlantic City, NJ, to prepare for a conference Monday and Tuesday. I had a room “with a view of the Ocean” at the Trump Plaza. Although I did have a view of the ocean, I had a better view of the building. The picture on the left was Sunday evening. It was cold, windy and raining. Monday morning (the picture on the right) was much nicer.

Jersey ShoreJersey Shore

The conference went well, but I thought the hotel was a dump. At first glance, it looked very nice, but upon closer inspection, one could easily see that it wasn’t kept-up too well. In my room, the massive accumulation dust behind the nightstand illustrated the lack of attention to detail the staff puts into cleaning. Also, my room had a some classy wallpaper, sort of a Victorian pattern, but it had been hung very sloppily. Whoever did it, failed to remove the outlet plates from the wall, and instead of removing and rehanging the wallpaper, he just cut out a hole for the outlet (and not very neatly…my 10-month old son could’ve done a better job!). Anyway, you get the picture.

I did enjoy the drive home; the leaves changing color along the Atlantic City Expressway was very calming…

Atlantic City Expressway

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I was talking to Cindy yesterday and the boys were screaming in the background. Not really screaming, mind you, they weren’t upset, rather, they were simply enjoying the sounds of their voices. Anyway, Cindy put me on “speaker” and I said, “hello” and asked what all the excitement was about. Then, silence. The boys were staring at the phone and probably wondering how in the world daddy got in there…

Adam on the phone
Photo caption compliments of BigHugeLabs.

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Alex and Kam

Alex and Adam recently visited their niece (a.k.a. “big sister”), Kameran, to join in the celebration of her 5th birthday! The sweetest little girl in the world took good care of her little uncles and made sure their visit was fun and exciting …

… and what’s more fun and exciting to a little kid than a swing??? 🙂

Adam and Kam

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Adam and Alex

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Autumn Leaves

Two weeks have passed since I left Cindy and the boys for Pennsylvania. I understand the weather in Mississippi has been very hot and humid (especially for October). Walking outside was described to me as breathing through a wet mop. I suppose that’s true when it’s 91° and the humidity index tips the scale at 100+ !

Quite the opposite here where the days are floating in the 70s and the nights drop into the 50s. It feels like autumn, and the leaves are changing. It’s beautiful country, and it’ll look even better when my family gets here!

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Alex Sleeps

This picture was taken just a couple of days before I left. Alex was restless, and I was rocking him to sleep. When you’re separated from your family, you find its the little things that come to mind–its the little things you miss the most. A simple moment such as this is worth its weight in gold.

Only 24 more days…

** sigh **

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