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The Thinker

The Thinker

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Get set…


Jumping the Gun

Extremely competitive, Adam tears out of the gate and immediately takes the lead, leaving Alex in the dust (not that Alex really cares).

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Adam and Alex crying

…just pitiful.

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Have you seen my “passie”?


I can’t see a thing through all this hair…

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Hurricane Alex

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Alex is cutting three teeth. He doesn’t really like teething rings, instead, he prefers the wooden front rail of his crib…

Alex Teething

Evidently, this is a common occurrence because Cindy and I were able to order some teething pads made especially for crib rails.

Go figure!

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Today we took the boys to the doctor. Alex has a rash on his neck and chest. As we suspected, it’s cause is the combination of drool from teething combined with the fact that the little guy really has no neck. 😉 So, we’re waiting in the crowded pharmacy for some nystatin cream.

We also took the opportunity, since the hospital doesn’t do 9-month well-baby checks, and the boys just happened to be 9-months old, to get them weighed and checked. All is well: Alex weighs 20 pounds and Adam weighs 22 pounds (although he feels heavier than that!!)

Adam and Alex waiting at the Pharmacy

As you can see the wait in the pharmacy was a little longer than usual. The boys had time to enjoy a snack while they watched the screen for Alex’s name to pop-up…

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Remember when you were in school and you’d lay your head on your desk, resting it on your arms?

Adam Sleeping

I suppose this posture just comes naturally.

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Alex is having fun on the walker…

Alex on the Walker

…of course, he doesn’t actually “walk”, but he does sit very well, and is highly adept at playing with the noisy buttons and knobs. And with Dad-powered propulsion, why would he even need to walk?

BTW: Those things on his legs are called “baby legs”, and it makes it easier for them to crawl on the floor. I imagine bare knees on tile can be a bit difficult for a baby, so I tolerate the baby legs.

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Yesterday, Cindy joined her “mom’s group” for a couple hours of fun-in-the-sun at a local park. The boys had a blast on the swings!

Alam SwingsAlex Swings

…and when they came home, they napped. Not for long, mind you, but they did nap. 😉

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