August 2009

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Care to venture a guess who they’ll be???


Should be a no-brainer! 😉

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Pretty soon they’ll be climbing over the rail…

Alex and Adam in the crib

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I can’t wait until they can do this on their own! They really do seem to like it, though!!

Adam has his teeth brushedAlex has his teeth brushed

Or maybe they just like sucking the toothpaste off the brush 😉

…and for those of you wondering about the “brusha, brusha, brusha” title, it’s from the Ipana Toothpaste commercials created for Bristol Meyers Company in the 1950s, and starring none other than Bucky Beaver…

Bucky Beaver

You may also remember this commercial making a cameo in the 1978 movie, Grease (it was during the slumber party at Frenchie’s house, and Jan sang along to it, remember?)

You can find one of Bucky’s commercials here, and the Grease clip here.

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No matter what his age, a boy always enjoys visiting his grandpa…or great-grandpa!

Sitting on the porch

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Today, Cindy and the boys visited Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway…

Marby Mill

Evidently, Great-Grandpa had stroller duty…

Great-Grandpa on stroller duty

Look at this bug; we can eat that, right?

Alex and Adam in the field

Mommy and her boys…

Mommy and her boys

Ready for a ride in the wagon, only there’s no horse to pull it (Obviously, Alex doesn’t know that yet :-))

Alex and Adam in the wagon

It was a long day, and the boys are plum tuckered out…

Tuckered out

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Alex tells his Grandma about his day…

Alex and Nana

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Adam takes a nap with his Grandpa…

Adam and Pa

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