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Alex and Adam were baptized this morning by Father Bernard Farrell at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. Our dear friends, Chris and Sherrie Rash, stood as godparents to the boys. Their nanny, Hannah, and her husband, Stephen, also shared in the event. The boys were well-behaved during mass, and Alex even joined in the singing.

Getting ready: The boys are dressed and ready for morning mass and the baptism to be conducted afterward. As you can see, they both understand the gravity of the sacrament…

Alex and Adam ready for baptism

The boys are baptized: First Adam…

Adam is baptized

then Alex…

Alex is baptized

Afterward: The Hanks family with Father Farrell…

The Hanks family with Father Farrell

Alex and Adam’s godparents, Chris and Sherrie, with Father…

Chris and Sherrie

All together…

All together

Sure it’s serious, but it’s a joyous occasion, too!

Alex and Adam ready for baptism

What a great day!

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On the road again, and on our way back home to Mississippi. We got off about 8 a.m., and made real good time. We stopped about 1 p.m. in Buford, Georgia, and fed the kids/ate lunch in the Mall of Georgia. We made it through Atlanta without hitting the rush-hour traffic, but we did slow considerably behind the construction traffic. (sigh)

Still, it wasn’t too bad. After all, we had planned on staying the night in Montgomery, Alabama, so Alex and Adam could meet their brothers, Nick and Neil, and Jess and Kameran could visit…

sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, nieces and uncles

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Today, Cindy is having lunch in town with my mom, and our cousins, Laura, Teresa and Crystal.

Me? Well, figuring the boys were getting a little spoiled, and wanting to get them back in traveling mode, I took the kids for a short trip to my hometown, Mt. Airy, North Carolina (better known as “Mayberry” of Andy Griffith fame). My dad came along to help out, although I cautioned him against it. Turns out my warning was spot-on as Adam wailed for miles and miles and miles.

When we f-i-n-a-l-l-y arrived, we parked the van and took the kids on a walk down Main Street. We walked past Floyd’s barber shop, the Snappy Lunch (home of the famous pork chop sandwich, and, according to Dad, the best ground steak sandwich around…of course, he’s wrong), and the Blue Bird Cafe. The boys enjoyed the walk, and Dad talked about how the town looked 50 years ago. After returning to the van, we fed the kids, and headed up the road to Odell’s Sandwich Shop (where one will really find the best ground steak sandwich around!).

Then we were on our way back home to Virginia…serenaded by Adam for miles and miles and miles…

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Today we took a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway, and stopped at Mabry Mill. On the way back down the mountain, we stopped at Nancy’s Candy Factory (love the fudge!) before enjoying a belated birthday dinner for Cindy at a local Mexican Restaurant.

The family at Mabry Mill

The mill is located in Meadow’s of Dan, Virginia. Incidentally, one of my favorite authors, Burke Davis, lives here!

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Bathed and groomed, the boys relax on the couch…much like Hugh Hefner. 😉

Robes and Slippers

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This evening the boys met their great grandfather (and namesake). The family had a big cookout for us, and Alex and Adam were the toast of the town! They were in heaven being held in someone’s arms all evening long! 🙂

Alex and Adam with Great Grandpa

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Today Adam cut his first tooth! (and the second isn’t too far behind)

Adam's first tooth

He’s not too fussy…yet!

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Today, we set off for Virginia to visit Alex and Adam’s grandparents and extended family. We hit the road about 9 a.m. and stopped for a couple hours in Montgomery, Alabama, to see Jessica, the boys’ sister, and Kameran, their niece.

After a visit and quick bite to eat, we headed up I-85 toward Atlanta, Georgia. We got there right at rush-hour, and spent almost 2-hours getting through the city. By this time the boys were getting pretty restless, so we decided to stop for the night in Buford, Georgia, and stayed at a Hampton Inn across the street from the Mall of Georgia.

We checked-in, requesting a couple roll-away cribs (the manager had to borrow one from the Marriott next door), and moved into the room. After feeding the kids, we put them in their PJs and they were soon off to dreamland. Now it was time for mom and dad to get something to eat. So, we ordered some take-out from the Red Lobster next door to the hotel. We ate at the counter in the bathroom, so we wouldn’t disturb the boys.

Hampton InnFeast in the bathroom

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Easter Family Photo
Alex and Adam's First Easter

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Alex and Adam have begun eating solid foods. Although we’ve been adding cereal to their bottles for a little while now, we’ve just started feeding them by spoon. Alex really seems to enjoy the cereal, but Adam, well, he prefers other activities…

Alex eating solids Adam naps when he should be eating

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