March 2009

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Alex Chillin

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Last night the boys f-i-n-a-l-l-y slept through the night! Although this didn’t affect me all that much (my “shift” ends at midnight), it was a big treat for mommy (who still got up several times to check on them)…

Please sleep

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The boys and I visited Wal-Mart this morning to have their passport pictures taken. We’ll be traveling to Europe this summer, and gotta get the ball rolling…

They were both very well-behaved for the photographer, although Alex was snoozing pretty good when his turn came around.  The picture below was taken during a brief moment when he opened his eyes.  🙂

Could they be any cuter??

Passport photos

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Alex and Adam’s big sister, Jessica, and niece, Kameran, came for a visit this weekend. Jess was a b-i-g help for Cindy, and the boys just adored her. Kameran was also a big help, but she doesn’t like being a “niece”. She wants to be a “big sister,” too!

Jess and Adam Kameran and the boys

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Alex’s bib speaks for itself.  What a night!

Alex allnighter

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I think Alex is up to something…


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Nana and Pa have been visiting for the past couple of weeks.  They’re leaving tomorrow morning much to the twin’s chagrin (mom and dad are gonna miss ’em, too).  The kids will especially miss all the spoiling from Nana!  🙂

Alex and Nana

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The ultimate hands-free feeding device…Adam finally gets the hang of holding his own bottle!

Adam holds his bottle

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Adam and Blanket

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Adam is having a conversation with his mommy. What could he be talking about with all this cooing and hooting? All he knows, really, is eating, sleeping and pooping, right?

Maybe he’s just saying, “I love you, Mommy!”

Alex and Mommy

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