December 2008

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Colic, or extreme crying in infants, is excruciatingly frustrating. I remember these episodes with my kids (from a previous marriage) almost two decades ago and it’s a wonder they made it to their first birthdays. Even after all these years of medical progress and scientific discovery, colic remains mystery. It will go like gangbusters for the first months of the babies existence and then miraculously disappear at about four months. In the meantime, parents are losing their minds wondering how they could ever think having kids was a good idea.

Still, in between the piercingly loud bouts of crying, the baby will make a funny face or smile the sweetest smile (so what if it’s gas), and it all seems worthwhile.

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So, it’s a bit of a drowsy Christmas morning. The twins were up-and-down most of the night on an asynchronous sleeping schedule. Cindy was swapping breasts between the two and I filled-in the gaps with formula. In the narrow spaces between feedings, we caught a wink or two.

This morning, grandma took one of the kids and we fell back into bed. Cindy got some shut-eye, but true to form, I couldn’t nod off. So, it’s coffee infusions for me, at least into the early afternoon.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. 🙂

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‘Tis the Season…


After a night of little sleep thanks to Alex’s upset belly, Cindy and I got off to a bit of a late start for the twins’ 2-week well-baby checks. So, with the kids fed, rushed showers and coffee in hand, we loaded-up the family truckster and scooted off down the road. In the end, we were only 5-minutes late for an appointment that revealed all was well; the twins are doing fine and progressing nicely.

This was the first time-sensitive event we were involved in since the twins arrived. Considering we only arrived just 5-minutes late speaks volumes to our level of organization since any trip outside the house is akin to moving to another state! (pats himself on the back :-))

This afternoon it was tag-team naps for mom and dad, while visiting grandparents whipped-up some goodies to snack on.

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On December 11, our family was blessed by the birth of twin boys, Alex and Adam. Their arrival culminated a four-year IVF journey for my wife and I, and we couldn’t be happier. The twins came about a month early, as Cindy’s BP shot-up last Wednesday morning. Although she was stable by dinnertime, the doc decided to do the c-section early the following morning. Anyway, the procedure went well; it took just over 20-minutes for the births. The boys spent about half the day in the nursery, but were experiencing some minor respiratory distress, so their pediatrician decided to transfer them to the Neonatal ICU. This move turned-out to be solely precautionary, as the boys perked-up almost immediately. They were released yesterday and spent their first night at home.