10:57 P.M.

Neil Diamond is singing “Song Sung Blue” during a 1976 concert in Australia playing on DVD.  I’m “on shift” and Cindy is sleeping; Adam is asleep in the Pack ‘n Play in front of me (he’s the noisiest sleeper; I’ve never heard so many grunts, squeaks, sighs and peeps); and I can hear Alex on the baby monitor stirring in his crib (it’s just about time for him to get up and eat).

I’m sipping on a cup of coffee as I sit in this glider rocker with my laptop and peck on the keys.  Moments like this are rare these days and I’m enjoying the relative quiet.  Adam was a little fussy this evening, I think he had a bit of a belly ache, but he’s resting pretty peacefully now.  Alex, on the other hand, was just being a butt.  He didn’t want anything except to be held, and that includes sleep, which he resisted with all the might his little body could muster.  He finally succumbed to fatigue and literally passed-out in my arms.

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