The day before Nick and Danielle’s wedding, we were kicking-off baseball season with Alex and Adam. Right after the game, we jumped in the family truckster and headed for the highway and Alabama. Upon our arrival, we met Nick, Danielle, and Danielle’s mother for dinner (Nick and Danielle looked beat!), then to Jessica’s, where we were staying.

The next day, we got the boys ready and headed for the wedding venue. This was the boys first wedding experience and they enjoyed dressing up with a shirt and tie…

Adam at the Wedding Alex at the Wedding

Looking good…

Adam and Alex at the Wedding

Adam and Alex at the Wedding

Fortunately, Cindy had her “selfie stick”, so we were able to capture the family moment for posterity…

Wedding Family

The wedding was great and the boys were pretty well behaved. Danielle’s mom made these little gift bags for the kids with puzzles and coloring books to keep them occupied. Alex and Adam thought they were the greatest thing! But the highlight of the wedding for Alex was Neil’s toast to the bride and groom! He loved toasting!

Adam at the Wedding


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