Touch a Truck

Alex woke up this morning a little under-the-weather, so he was unable to join Adam for the annual “Touch-a-Truck” event. Each year, Buck’s County has a weekend event where they give kids the opportunity to learn about and explore the municipal vehicles they see on the streets every day.

Adam love’s fire trucks…

Adam's Fire Hat Adam at the wheel

Adam and the firetruck

He wanted to get into the cab of the ambulance, but I guess they didn’t want kids messing with the buttons and whatnot…although, there were a lot more whatnot in the firetruck, and that was okay for little kids. Anyway, he did get to explore the back of the ambulance. With it’s syringes, needles, medicines, oxygen, scissors, and tubing it’s a much, much safer place to be than the cab.

Adam tries the ambulance door Adam in the back of the ambulance

After the ambulance, Adam discovered the police car. Next to being a fireman, the policeman has the coolest car on the road.

“One-Adam-12, responding to two-one-one in progress…”

Adam on the police radio

The trucks were never-ending, and Adam climbed on all of them…

Adam the garbage man…

Adam the garbage man

I want to drive THIS one!

Adam on the bulldozer

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  1. Jenn Folden’s avatar

    Hello – I am promoting an upcoming touch a truck event at our College campus (I work in the marketing department). Would you give me permission to use the photo — where your son is sitting in front of the “control” panel — to help promote our event on Facebook? This is a first-time event for us, and we do not have any photos … but this one seems perfect. I would give your site photo credit, too.

    Please advise – we would like to post the photo this Sunday evening. You are welcome to e-mail me back for more information.

    Thank you!


    1. forwardmemory’s avatar

      Hi Jenn: I’m flattered that you’d consider my photo for your event. However, you may not use this or any photo from the site for any reason. Best of luck with your event.



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