The Boys are Baptized

Alex and Adam were baptized this morning by Father Bernard Farrell at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. Our dear friends, Chris and Sherrie Rash, stood as godparents to the boys. Their nanny, Hannah, and her husband, Stephen, also shared in the event. The boys were well-behaved during mass, and Alex even joined in the singing.

Getting ready: The boys are dressed and ready for morning mass and the baptism to be conducted afterward. As you can see, they both understand the gravity of the sacrament…

Alex and Adam ready for baptism

The boys are baptized: First Adam…

Adam is baptized

then Alex…

Alex is baptized

Afterward: The Hanks family with Father Farrell…

The Hanks family with Father Farrell

Alex and Adam’s godparents, Chris and Sherrie, with Father…

Chris and Sherrie

All together…

All together

Sure it’s serious, but it’s a joyous occasion, too!

Alex and Adam ready for baptism

What a great day!

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  1. Vivian’s avatar

    The pictures are great! I went to the website to see the others some time ago! They’re just beautiful little boys! Keep the pictures coming and tell Chris I said hello!

    Thanks, Viv! Hellos all around!

    – JOS


  2. Nana’s avatar

    The boys look so perfect! Did you notice Adam’s hair wasn’t sticking up all over the place. He was really serious about this occasion. MOM

    Adam’s hair is much more manageable these days, and, yes, they both seem to take the ceremony very seriously. Although, Adam wasn’t a big fan of the water running down his face 🙂

    – JOS


  3. Melissa’s avatar

    two very handsome little boys! lovely to be able to see photos and share in the day. Hope all is going well. lots of love, hugs and kisses Melissa, Craig and Liam x o x

    Thanks, Melissa. What a great day!

    – JOS


  4. Gigi’s avatar

    Wow, such cuties. Wish we could have been there. Give the boys big hugs and kisses from us.

    Love Aunty Gigi, Uncle Bob “the builder”, cousin Stu and Conner


    We wish y’all coulda been there, too!

    – JOS



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