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Alex lost his first tooth today with an assist from Adam who hit him in the mouth while they were on the floor wrestling. Ya know, come to think of it, this is the same way Adam lost his first tooth

Alex First Tooth

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…otherwise known as a “black eye.”

I was wrestling with Adam on the living room floor and amid the giggles and twisting-about, the little butt head-butted me right where the frontal and zygomatic bones meet and form the outer edge of the eye-socket. A moderately painful experience for me, but true-to-form, not at all traumatic for “Action Adam”, who ran off laughing…

Periorbital Hematoma

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Isn’t that the way it goes? A sweet, endearing hug between brothers…


Then, the inevitable take-down…

Take Down

and the wrestling match is on!


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Happy Independence Day! The boys celebrated our nation’s birthday by wrestling with their Nana in their new playroom…

Alex and Nana Adam and Nana

This was a lot more fun than watching a baseball game with the ol’ man…

Tho’ not as quiet 🙂

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