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For the second time this year, my son got married. This time it was Neil, and like his older brother, Nick, he married his high school sweetheart. Welcome to the family, Rachel…

Groom bride

It was a very nice wedding. Neil and Rachel made a beautiful couple.

Wedding Kiss

Nick stood by his brother as best man, and made a very charming toastmaster.

Nick and Neil Nicks Toast

Congratulations, Neil and Rachel…

First Dance


Cindy lost her mom about three years ago. It was a pretty rough time for everyone, especially for her stepdad, Junior. We’re so very happy that he has found a new someone special (and his Linda is a great lady). So, Adam and Alex get to attend their second wedding this year. In March, it was their brother, Nick, this time, it’s their “Poppy” in Sarasota, Florida.

We arrive and take our seat in the pew. Adam, of course, is impatient, and asks “Where’s Poppy” every 30-seconds or so…

Adam is impatient

Finally, the flower girl, Linda’s granddaughter, Lily (who is just a little older than the boys), comes down the isle. Then, the music starts and the boys new “Grammy” is escorted down the isle by her daughters, Denise and Vicki.

Flower Linda and Daughters

Linda was pretty nervous and Junior kept cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Finally, they said their vows and shared a first kiss as husband and wife.

Wedding Wedding Kiss

Then the couple made their exit and headed for the reception at Denise’s house…

Wedding Exit

Where Alex and Adam had a blast playing with their new cousin, Lily…

Wedding Swings

And Cindy’s niece, Sheree, was dressed like a whore

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Today I had the honor of watching my oldest, Nicholas, marry a lovely young woman, Danielle…


Prior to the ceremony, Nick consults with his brother, and best man, Neil…

Nick and Neil

Mr. and Mrs….

Mr. and Mrs Hanks

Nick and Danielle at the fountain


The couple was very nbusy entertaining their guests, but I did manage to get a picture with my new daughter-in-law. Welcome to the family, Danielle…


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