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After mom and the boys have returned from Disney, we spent a relaxing Saturday at Auntie GiGi’s. A day culminated in a “Low-Down Country Boil” with crab legs, shrimp, fish, corn-on-the-cob, and much more!

Great food…

Great Food

Jess and Alex relax on the couch with Nanny Joyce…

Jess and Alex

Adam out back, hangin’ with the guys, waiting for the food! I think he’s up to something…

Adam is up to something

Alex loves his Uncle Bob!

Alex and Uncle Bob

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Cindy and the boys, along with Auntie GiGi and Big Sisters Jessica and Kameran, took a road trip to Disney World. They spent three days at the Caribbean Beach Resort and visited the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, and Animal Kingdom…

Cinderellas Castle

You can’t visit Disney without spinning your head off on the Tea Cup ride…

Tea Cups

Jess takes Adam into the world of Buzz Lightyear; Mama and Alex are right behind…

Jess and Adam

Locked-up for a photo op! Alex thinks this resembles too closely a crib, and he’s not at all ready to take a nap…

Locked up

Jess and Kameran meet Daisy Duck…

Jess and Kameran meet Daisy

Adam pulls Auntie Gigi into Tomorrowland…

Gigi and Adam

A breather, and overdue diaper-changes…

Mama and Alex Mama and Adam

The boys are crusin’ in style, Adam has the top down, checking-out the sights, while Alex decides what he’s going to do next…

Crusin in style

Adam meets Tigger at the Crystal Palace…

Meeting Tigger

Alex meets Winnie the Pooh, but insists he keep his distance…

Meeting Winnie

A jungle safari…

A Jungle Safari

Auntie and Sisters pose with Alex and Adam…

Aunt and sisters with the boys

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Today, the boys took their first trip by airplane. The boys actually slept for about half of the two-hour flight from Philly to Jacksonville, Florida. Here’re a couple pictures of the most enjoyable part of the trip…

First, Alex:

Alex sleeps on the plane

Then, Adam:

Alex sleeps on the plane

All-in-all it was a pretty smooth flight, if you overlook Alex’s last-minute spitting-up episode(s)…yuk!

Tonight, we’re spending the night with Cindy’s sister’s family. Tomorrow, Cindy, her sister and the boys are heading to South Florida to visit Nanny and Poppy, then it’s Disney World!

Me? I’m working 🙁

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Splishing and a-splashing….

Alex Floats in the PoolAdam Floats in the Pool

The little “floaties” are pretty cool…I imagine it’s what an Egyptian pharaoh would’ve looked like floating down the Nile (minus the shades, of course :-)).

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This weekend we took off for South Florida to visit some of Cindy’s family. Although we had originally planned on leaving early Thursday morning, we considered ourselves very fortunate to be backing out of the driveway at 11 a.m. Wednesday night was a nightmare challenge because Adam was being a butt teething, and we didn’t get much packing done. Anyway, the trip went pretty well, and although the boys had their moments, the 10-hour drive ended without incident.

The boys had a great time, and just loved all the attention they were getting. First, they met their “Poppy” (Cindy’s stepdad) who met us at the hotel with a couple Coronas in hand. I guess he knew after a long day traveling with a couple of 6-month-olds, mom and dad could use a beer!

Adam with PoppyAlex with Poppy

Next they met their Nanny Vera (Cindy’s mom). As you can see they just seemed to hang on every word…

Nanny Vera with Alex and Adam

They also got to meet their Auntie GiGi (left), who was much like a second mom to them, and their Uncle Bob. GiGi and Bob made a four-hour drive to be here, and we enjoyed a great Fourth of July barbeque with Bob’s brother Dave! Finally, their Auntie Sharon (right), who is very beautiful, and not at all prissy, came to visit. She was out-of-town when we first arrived, and stopped by the hotel on her way home. Unfortunately, she arrived at dinnertime 😉

Adam with Auntie GiGiAlex with Auntie Sharon

All-in-all it was a great trip. The only drawback were the nights in the hotel. After a full day out-and-about, the boys were wired, and it took a while for them to calm down enough to fall off to sleep. This made the evenings a pain in the ass little trying, but once they fell asleep, they were out for the night. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be up early (hopefully) and heading home.

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