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It should come as no surprise that today was ANOTHER pool day…and it’s stretched into a beautiful Summer night…

Summer Night

This evening the boys got into a little pre-Fourth of July spirit…

Summer Night Summer Night

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The summer days have been pretty hot–a lot hotter than normal, it seems–so we’re spending a lot more time in the pool. Alex certainly has the right idea…

Lounging in the Pool

And Charlie is in HEAVEN…

Charlie in the Pool Charlie in the Pool Charlie in the Pool

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The boys and their dog! I’m not sure who loves the water more.


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The boys were out of school today, so we got on the road a little early to start our Thanksgiving vacation and in the penthouse, no less! What a great view…

View of the Pool

After dinner, Mom and Alex hit the pool…

Alex Floats

and the hot tub!

Hot Tub

This is living!!

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Well, the boys’ summer vacation is winding down…quickly. So, to close things out, we headed down to Orlando for some fun-in-the-sun, and a little Disney World. This trip, we’re staying at the Hilton Tuscan Village…

HGV Tuscan Village HGV Tuscan Village
HGV Tuscan Village HGV Tuscan Village

and Alex can’t wait to hit the pool!

HGV Tuscan Village

After breakfast, that’s exactly what we did. The rest of the day looked something like this…

Boys' Ring Boys' Ring
Boys' Ring Boys' Ring


Adam ring

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A big step for Alex this afternoon. The boys were invited to a birthday pool party for their friend at the community center. After some pizza, the boys all hit the pool. Alex, who normally stays close to the edge ventured into the middle of the pool! He’ll be swimming across it soon!

Alex in the middle of the pool

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The boys have spent most of the weekend at the water park in the Julington Creek Recreation Center, a.k.a. “The Red Slide Pool”.

The result:

Alex sleeps

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Charlie LOVES the pool! When the boys start to put on their swimming trunks he’s at the door twitching like a kid in church that has to go to the bathroom! When the gate finally opens, watch out!

Water Dog Water Dog

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It’s a hot June afternoon and what better way to cool off than to take a dip in the pool. The boys really love the water! Action Adam is all over the place, while Alex is still a little insecure in the water. Alex normally just plays around on the steps, but he’s getting more and more ambitions each day (with a little help from dad).

Adam slides into the pool Dad and Alex in the pool

Speaking of “all over the place”…this is an understatement since Adam started swimming solo…

Adam swims


Today starts the first day of pool season!

How do we get in again?

Running around the pool

At last!

Adam on the waterfall Adam and Alex in the water

The boys also had a big-ball-water-sprayer-thing that Adam seemed to enjoy–he kept running back-and-forth through the spray. Alex, on the other hand, and true to form, could do without it.

Alex can do without it

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