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Okay, so Adam is a big fan of Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Cindy took the boys to get haircuts this week and this is what Adam got…

I just don’t get the deal with soccer. I remember when I was growing up, my favorite athlete was Pittsburg Steeler Running Back, Franco Harris. A real man playing a real man’s game. How could a kid not look up to someone like that, right?

But geez, soccer! You can’t even pick-up the ball with your hands! What’s up with that???

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Well, the soccer season is over and the coaches made the trophy presentations today. I’m really not sure how well we did because there wasn’t much score-keeping going on. After all, what’s most important is that the kids have fun, right? I suppose that’s okay for 4-year-olds being introduced to the game, but I hope this doesn’t continue into the “older” leagues. It’s important for kids to learn that you don’t always win…and that you can still enjoy the game when you lose!

Anyway, they were pretty proud of their trophies (even if they didn’t quite understand their purpose :-))

Adam's Trophy Alex's Trophy

And what better way to celebrate than a trip to the park? Which, incidentally, was a lot more fun for them than the trophy ceremony!

Adam spelled backwards is “monkey”…

Jungle Adam Adam runs across the platform

Adam loves to slide pose on the slide!

Alex on the slide Alex on the slide Alex on the slide

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Well, the soccer heads are at it agin!

Getting Ready

They’re getting a lot better at the game, so it’s a lot more fun to them now.

Alex kicks a goal Adam gets airborne

About halfway through the practice, the coaches stop play for a water break. Adam doesn’t even leave the field, but Alex must move to a more quiet area to enjoy his Gatorade…

Of course, their favorite thing to do is kick the ball into the net to score. In fact, if they could, they’d just stand there an do that all day. If it weren’t for the other team, they’d just continue to drive-up the score…

Adam and Alex at the goal


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Despite the fact that I despise the game of soccer, Cindy enrolled the boys in a league. It’s not that I really “despise” the game, I’ve just never been that interested in a game where you can’t touch the ball with your hands. I mean, there’s something inherently un-American in that, and I’m sure the Founding Father would agree! After all, that’s why they started drinking coffee in the “new land” instead of tea!

Anyway, the boys are playing now, so I guess I better learn the rules, so I can keep the other kids (and parents) in line.

The boys are looking sharp in their uniforms, and waiting patiently for practice to begin…


Alex was a little apprehensive, because he, too, considers Soccer to be un-American, but with some coaxing (and an escort) from Aunt GiGi, he takes his place on the field.

Alex and GiGi

Today’s skill seems to be dribbling, and Alex takes to it right away…

Alex Dribbles Alex dribbles some more

Adam didn’t do too bad, but it doesn’t seem to come as naturally to him.

AAdam dribbles Adam dribbles some more

He’s absolutely LOVING it, though!

Adam runs

To quote a great American: “Well, that’s life in the fast-paced slam-bang, live-on-the-razor’s-edge, laugh-in-the-face-of-death world of junior league soccer.”

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There’s a little girl that lives up the street, her name is Paige. She and her brother, CJ, often come to the house to play with the boys. Quite surprising, really, considering they’re quite a bit older than these two-year-old twin boys. Anyway, they’re good kids and the boys love it when they come to play…

Who’ll get to the ball first?

Who else?

I can’t push the swing fast enough for Alex…his giggles intensify with the speed and height of the swing!

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