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…otherwise known as a “black eye.”

I was wrestling with Adam on the living room floor and amid the giggles and twisting-about, the little butt head-butted me right where the frontal and zygomatic bones meet and form the outer edge of the eye-socket. A moderately painful experience for me, but true-to-form, not at all traumatic for “Action Adam”, who ran off laughing…

Periorbital Hematoma

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Raging Bull

Yesterday, Adam took a little tumble and earned a pretty good shiner in the process. I’m afraid he’s not going to make a very good boxer if he keeps leading with his face…


Since his birth, Adam has continually bumped, scratched, knocked, hit, and drove his melon into or against the floor, wall, table, chair, his brother, my head, the washing machine, the television, and oh so much more. Taken collectively, his markings would resemble those of the famous Jake LaMotta, the “Raging Bull!”

Raging Bull

( sigh )

Alas, ’tis the price of a curious, headstrong child…

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