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A bit of Halloween day fun at school as the boys dress in their THIRD SET of costumes for the “Literacy Parade”.

Alex is dressed as his favorite book character: Pete the Cat. Mom made this costume featuring Pete’s “Four Groovy Buttons”…

Pete the Cat

Of course, Action Adam is the Fire Chief!

Fire Chief

Pete and the Fire Chief (sounds like the title of a book, doesn’t it??)…

Pete and the Fire Chief

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Alex just loves to read. Every night before the boys go to bed, we sit together and I read them a story or two. Every night, Alex takes the book(s) we were reading and puts them in his crib. One night, I awaken to hear Alex “talking,” so I creep into his room where I find Adam fast asleep and Alex sitting in the corner of his crib with his back to me. I peer over the edge of the crib and he has the book open and is “reading” it.

Alex reads

Alex, the bookworm.

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