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Well, Adam has learned to climb the stairs …

Adam climbs the stairs Adam climbs the stairs Adam climbs the stairs

And he’s pretty proud of himself 🙂

Adam climbs the stairs

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Over the river and through the woods to Great Grandpa’s house we go…

A family tradition: The whole family–parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles–all get together on Christmas Eve to have dinner and exchange gifts. It’s mainly an event for the kids, but the adults, most of them anyway ;-), get into it, too. This was my first Christmas home in almost 10 years, and the twins first. They had a blast, too (Adam was such a show-off, and Alex just loved being held).

There were so many gifts, it took three people to pass them out…

Cindy helped the kids open presents …

The boys hanging out with their cousin Eddie…

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Mommy took a picture of the boys sitting in their matching push-and-go cars to put on a “Thank You” card for everyone who was kind enough to send along their “Happy Birthday’s”…

Thank You

Thanks, Everyone!

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Whenever we go anywhere, Alex will eventually remove one of his shoes. It does no good to put it back on because he’s just going to remove it again. So, I just say “I know” and “thank you” to all the passer-by’s who kindly tell me that he’s lost a shoe.

Shoeless Joe

He looks like such a ragamuffin.

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I was talking to Cindy yesterday and the boys were screaming in the background. Not really screaming, mind you, they weren’t upset, rather, they were simply enjoying the sounds of their voices. Anyway, Cindy put me on “speaker” and I said, “hello” and asked what all the excitement was about. Then, silence. The boys were staring at the phone and probably wondering how in the world daddy got in there…

Adam on the phone
Photo caption compliments of BigHugeLabs.

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Alex and Kam

Alex and Adam recently visited their niece (a.k.a. “big sister”), Kameran, to join in the celebration of her 5th birthday! The sweetest little girl in the world took good care of her little uncles and made sure their visit was fun and exciting …

… and what’s more fun and exciting to a little kid than a swing??? 🙂

Adam and Kam

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The Thinker

The Thinker

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Care to venture a guess who they’ll be???


Should be a no-brainer! 😉

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