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For the past few years we’ve had annual passes for Disney, but we changed things up a bit this year and went with an annual pass to Universal Studios instead. And to kick things off, Cindy took the boys to Orlando this weekend to try ’em out.

Universal Studios Entrance
Entrance to Universal Studios

What the boys were most interested in doing today was visiting Diagon Alley in Harry Potter World, but on the way, they take a ride with the Minions…and hand around for a photo afterward.

With the Minions

At last, it’s time to visit the cobbled wizzarding alley and shopping area behind the Leaky Cauldron in London, England. Among this secret collection of restaurants, shops, and other sights, they boys will pick-up all the items on their Hogwarts supply list.

Of course, the one thing every wizard absolutely needs is a wand. And the selection was quite impressive inside the famous Ollivander’s Wand Shop. After the boys had selected their wands, they moved around Diagon Alley casting spells. There were several areas where you waved the wand in a specific manner to make something happen, like rain from an umbrella or lights turning on, or writing on a scroll…

And what better way to decompress after a hard day of wizzarding than with a refreshing glass of “butter beer”, at the “Fountain of Fair Fortune”. Butter beer is a creamy buttery caramel and butterscotch concoction. Adam loved it, but Alex, not so much…

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It’s a cloudy Saturday afternoon and mom is busy getting her Christmas decorations ready. So, me and the boys are heading out for a “guys day” to get out of mom’s hair. What better way to spend the afternoon than bowling and a movie. We went to a href=”” target=new>Latitude 360 to bowl a few frames and watch the Minions Movie!

We don’t go bowling very often, but the boys actually did pretty good. It was funny to watch their body language as they coaxed the ball down the lane…

Alex Bowls Adam Bowls

We bowled three games, then headed to the theater to see Keven, Stuart, and Bob…THE MINIONS! We ordered some dinner while we were there and enjoyed the movie from our own private booth…

Minions Minions

We just love these guys…

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