Jake and the Neverland Pirates

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Day two of our Disney Cruise and Adam is up with the sun! So, he and I head topside for the sunrise, a cup of coffee for me and a hot chocolate for Adam. We’ll be docking in Nassau pretty soon…

Adam Sunrise Early Topside

There’s virtually no one up here! Adam and I have the whole deck to ourselves!

Fore Aft

After breakfast we have to stop and meet Jake. Alex always has his autograph book handy, for just such an occasion. With Jake’s name in the book, we’re ready to head into Nassau. Our destination? Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis resort. As we exit the ship, I notice they’re already out cleaning the hull. This is the cleanest cruise ship I’ve ever seen!

Nassau Cleaning the Boat

Anyway, at Dolphin Cay, we suit-up for our dolphin encounter.

Mom and the boys Dad and the boys

Family at Atlantis

To be honest, we were a little worried about how Alex would react to the dolphin, but he took to it, like Sandy Ricks took to Flipper! We all got to spend some one-on-one time with her, then she posed with us for a family picture.

Splash A kiss for Alex
Adam rubs her belly Mom and dolphin

Family and dolphin photo

After our time with the dolphin was over, we strolled through the aquarium at the Atlantis resort. The boys were sporting their new stuffed sharks…which I guess are cooler than dolphins? But, hey, as Adam says, I’d rather swim with a dolphin than a ‘big white shark’…


We got back to the ship in the late afternoon. We had plenty of time before we had to dress for dinner, so we took in a movie: Disney’s The Jungle Book in 3-D…

Jungle Book

After the movie, we changed into our swimming trunks and went up to the pool deck. We wanted to hot the water for a bit and catch the sunset and the pirate show.

Hook Entertainment Hook Entertainment

F-i-n-a-l-l-y…it’s time to get ready for dinner. The food was great, as usual! By the time dinner was over; Alex was OUT!

Alex is out

So, I take Alex back to the room. Tonight, the steward has prepared a little Tiki God to greet us…

Tiki God

While I put Alex to bed, Mom and Adam head up to the pool deck for some fireworks…


Off to bed soon; tomorrow is another busy day!

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Day 2 of our latest Disney adventure started off with a visit to the Shades of Green for breakfast and to pick up our 4-day park-hoppers (not that we plan on spending 4 days park-hopping, but the passes are good for a year, and we’ll be back). Anyway, today is the boys “birthday celebration” at Hollywood Studio. As we prepared to go, the boys were very excited to see that “Chippy”, our Elf on the Shelf, had made himself a little bed out of Alex’s hat, and was chillin’ in the back of the van! They were surprised and amazed that he was able to find them at Disney World! I guess that Christmas magic gives him a certain amount of clairvoyance, so they better be good 😉


Upon our arrival at the park, we immediately visited the Jedi Training Academy to sign the boys up for a course of instruction that would ultimately earn them the title of “Padawan” or “Jedi in training”. In my day, they’d simply be known as “grasshopper” (and yesterday’s pebbles have been replaced by lightsabers!).

Jedi Training Academy

Having successfully enrolled the boys in the 7:00 p.m. class, we raced to “Star Tours”. Adam was so excited, we could hardly keep-up with him!

Star Tours Adam at Star Tours Adam at Star Tours

Everywhere we went, the park staff were wishing A2 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” (due to the little pins they wore informing everyone that it was their birthday). They even got some free ice cream from one of the vendors…

Free Ice Cream

As is always the case, we can’t walk down the street without stopping for photo-ops with popular Disney characters, like Wreck It Ralph and Penelope von Sweets

Wreck It Ralph

The kids really get a kick out of meeting the characters, although dad really fails to see the point in and gets very impatient having to wait in line for a photo that we rarely enjoy both boys smiling at the same time and the the park is going to charge a bizillion dollars for via Photopass. I’m telling you, “IT’S A SCAM!” Cindy just says, “Quit your bitchin'” ( sigh )

We had a late lunch-early supper at Hollywood and Vine where the boys got to meet some of their favorite Disney Jr. characters, like Jake of the “Neverland Pirates” fame. No Photopass cameraman in sight, so I’m okay with it. Of course, the meal cost a bizillion dollars, so who needs the Photopass, right? The food WAS very good, though!

The boys and Jake

In recognition of their special day, the boys enjoy a big, fat birthday cupcake!

Alex birthday cupcake Adam birthday cupcake

After an afternoon of walking and riding and walking and standing in line to meet Disney characters and walking, the moment of truth had arrived! It’s was 7:00 p.m. and time for the boys to attend the Jedi academy! They presented their credentials (i.e. the ticket they had received earlier) and were each given their Padawan robe…

Jedi Jedi

The younglings lined up with other apprentices and went through a grueling series of Star Wars trivia questions to which Adam or Alex responded to every one. Next, they lined-up and exited to the Jedi training area where they were going to receive instruction and be tested. Somewhere along the route, Alex decided this wasn’t for him and like Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen, said “phooey” to this Jedi training stuff. Adam, on the other hand, much like Luke himself, endured the training and got the opportunity to fight Darth Vader…

Padawan Adam meets Darth Vader

And much like Uncle Owen, who if you’ll remember from Star Wars Episode IV, ultimately came to regret his lack of interest in learning Jedi, Alex had a change of heart and wanted to do the Padawan thing! Alas, he’ll have to wait until our next visit…or maybe, Christmas! 😉

We finished the evening enjoying the beautiful light show ala the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights on the Streets of America

Christmas Lights

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