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Today, the Tiger Scouts in Den 1 are meeting at the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium for an Astronaut adventure! This is Adam and Alex first visit to a Planetarium and they’re pretty excited…


after the show, the Tigers worked together on various science experiments…

Science Experiments

and even stood in a hurricane machine that generated 79-mph winds…


A fun day. We’ll be back again for more planetarium shows!

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Last night, we took Alex and Adam to their first LIVE concert! Trans-Siberian Orchestra was in town for their 2016 Winter Tour; Cindy and I have gone to see them several times, so it was a time for the boys’ introduction…

TSO Tour

I wish I could say the evening went smoothly, but alas, I can’t. Sure, we left in plenty of time to get to the arena, but we didn’t consider the Main Street bridge construction, which detoured traffic through town, causing a HUGE back-up and inchworm-like progress. Anyway, after cutting through a few side streets we were within a stone’s throw of the venue when everything came to a grinding halt! Traffic was merging onto a 1-lane road from three different directions. WOW! So, naturally, Dad took one for the team, while Mom and the boys exited the van and headed for the entrance. Thankfully, they made it for the start of the show and I wasn’t too far behind. And Cindy had a beer waiting for me, which made it all good. I actually think TSO delayed the start due to the traffic issues, which worked-out great for us (and many others).

As expected, TSO didn’t disappoint! It was a great show and the boys had a BLAST! When it was over and we were walking out, Adam asked me to upload this music to his iPod (he also said he couldn’t hear, which means we got our $$$ worth ;-)) So, there you have it…TSO has two more fans-for-life! Here’s a clip from last night’s show…the song is called, “Christmas Jam”…

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Tonight we took the boys to Jacksonville Memorial Stadium to see their FIRST Harlem Globetrotters show. When I was a kid, I saw the Globetrotters, led by the late George “Meadowlark” Lemon and star dribbler Fred “Curly” Neal, play in this very same stadium; it was pretty cool coming back today with my boys.


Today the team is captained by “Big Easy” Lofton and “Scooter” Christensen has taken the reins as the team’s showman dribbler. Although the names have changed, they were still the same fun family entertainment they always were!

Big Easy and Ref YMCA
Silly Antics Silly Antics

We had a blast! After the game, and all the way back to the car, the boys were dribbling their souvenir basketballs and mimicking the moves of Big Easy and the team. I did get them to stand still for one picture. Well, sort of… 😉


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What better way is there to spend National Twins Day than taking a trip to the beach?

Up the river

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It was such a beautiful day outside, I decided to take the afternoon off and give the boys a little surprise. So, we picked them up early from preschool and took a boat trip to the zoo…

Up the river

As always, we had a great time!

Zoo Elephant

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The Fourth of July weekend is winding down and what better way to bring it to a close than to take the kids for a cruise up the St John’s River?

I slow the boat as we approach the Buckman Bridge. It’s always fun watching the cars and trucks speeding across and listening to the hum of their wheels as we travel under the bridge. Of course, if Adam had his way, it’d all be a blur as we flew under the bridge at top-speed!

Buckman Bridge

Once we crossed into the Jacksonville Landing area, we docked the boat and spent some time at Friendship Park. I really love this city!

Friendship Park

One the way back to the marina, Katy got to take a turn at the wheel! Kam opted-out, as she prefers being ferried across the river than being the person actually doing the ferrying.

Captain Katy

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Another day on the water! Today the boys spoiled Nana for a change…

Nana with the boys

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Well, needless to say, we joined the Freedom Boat Club. Today, was a family outing up the St Johns into Jacksonville…

Jax from the Water

Getting underway…

Salute Me and the Boys

The Captain

The Captain
The First Mate

The First Mate

Lamby enjoyed the day…

Lamby enjoys the day

The boys had a great time! Adam was grinning from ear-to-ear the whole time, and Alex was comfortable enough to stretch-out for a short nap…

Adam Smiles Alex Sleeps

This is the life!

Mom and Dad The Boys

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Today we visiting the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. When I was a kid, this was known as “The Children’s Museum” and it’s still got a lot of exhibits and activities that cater to kids. One of my favorite exhibits was this dinosaur fossil that used to be positioned right at the entrance to the museum, but now has been relegated to some interior alcove.

I must admit that it seemed much, much bigger when I was a kid…


After our tour of the museum, we spent some time relaxing at Friendship Park, while enjoying the Jacksonville skyline.

Friendship Park

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I’m in Jax for a meeting, and dinner at the River Club…great view of the Main Street Bridge!

The River Club of Jacksonville

Next week, it’s back to my gloomy office in Virginia…

Abandon all hope

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