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Alex hasn’t been able to keep anything down for almost two days. Every time he takes anything in, even Gatoraid, he’s soon running to the bathroom to, well you know. I’m sure it’s because the Patriots won the superbowl!

Anyway, he’s wasn’t getting any better, so Mom took him to the ER and they gave him an IV to push some fluids. The doctor said it wasn’t the Patriots win, but just the stomach flu.

Pushing Fluids

Alex thought the whole experience was pretty cool, and he likes to tell the story.

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As you know, the boys had tubes placed in their ears a few years ago (twice, actually). After the tubes are placed, there’s nothing else that needs to be done because they simply fall-out as the child grows. Well, it didn’t work that way for Adam! One of the tubes didn’t just fall-out and it now needs to be removed surgically. Although it’s a very minor surgery, listening to Adam, you’d think it was a major operation. It was funny how excited he was about it, but I’m not sure if it was the surgery itself or just the drama of it… 😉


Of course, when it was over, his ear was a little sore and he wasn’t as thrilled about it anymore…


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