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Okay, so Adam is a big fan of Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Cindy took the boys to get haircuts this week and this is what Adam got…

I just don’t get the deal with soccer. I remember when I was growing up, my favorite athlete was Pittsburg Steeler Running Back, Franco Harris. A real man playing a real man’s game. How could a kid not look up to someone like that, right?

But geez, soccer! You can’t even pick-up the ball with your hands! What’s up with that???

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Well, he’s not such a baby anymore…

Olivers first haircut

Congratulations, Baby Oliver!

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Today, Alex and Adam had their first haircuts. They sat in Mommy’s lap while the stylist did her thing …

Alex first haircutAdam first haircut

… and not a tear was shed (except for maybe Mommy at the loss of Adam’s curls!).

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