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Adam’s hair has been the subject of conversation since the day he was born. His bushy little head of jet-black hair that soon developed into curls that then evolved (after a couple of haircuts) to a thick, helmet-like quiff that resembled a not-so-popular Chicago politician’s…

The Blago Look The Real Blago

“The Blago”

has now, thankfully, become a sort-of shag that resembles someone much cooler…

The Jett Look The Real Jett

“The Jett”

Hello, Daddy; Hello, Mom…

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It never fails. Whenever Jess comes to visit, at some point, whether he likes it or not, Adam is going to have his hair put-up in pigtails…

Poor Adam

Caption courtesy of BigHugeLabs

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Have you seen my “passie”?


I can’t see a thing through all this hair…

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The Hair!

Kinda looks like Adam got his finger stuck in the light socket…

Adam's Hair

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